by | April 04, 2019 | 06:39

Presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden vowed Wednesday to change his handsy ways after four women came forward to accuse him of inappropriate touching . When a second woman came forward on Monday claiming Biden made her feel uncomfortable at a 2009 CT fundraiser, his team pointed to his response from Sunday.

by | April 04, 2019 | 06:38

Of the $US611 billion in trade between the two countries, $US502 billion crossed the border in trucks and trains a year ago, according to the Commerce Department. The breaking of supply chains linking the low-wage maquiladora factories that produce parts on the Mexican side of the border from the auto plants on the U.S.

by | April 03, 2019 | 08:44

In a country that has long favored cars over public transportation, and in a metropolis like NY where the use of on-demand ride share services like Uber and Lyft has exploded, the goal to raise money for the subway system appears unusual.

by | April 03, 2019 | 07:12

Flores has every right to share her own recollection and reflections", he said in the statement. "Send him a personal note to say, 'Hey, this happened a few years ago". "Vice President, I'm not really comfortable with this, '" Goldberg added. Earlier, he told the crowd - which was dotted with members of the House - that they would be "going into the war with some socialists" in the next election.

by | April 03, 2019 | 00:15

Additionally, the U.S. State Department says that it "notified Congress it was cutting off aid from past years (fiscal years 2017 and 2018) to the three countries". "We were paying them tremendous amounts of money". Representative Norma Torres, a California Democrat, noted that Trump's decision to suspend aid would "undermine the many years of hard work by diplomats and aid workers, and would allow hundreds of millions of tax dollars in taxpayer funds already spent in the region to go to ...

by | April 02, 2019 | 00:08

The ruling is on appeal. "Was this a good week for the Trump administration?" Bates was nominated to the federal bench by then-President George W. "But there's no indication that the White House, executive branch agencies like Health and Human Services or Republicans in Congress are working on a comprehensive plan".

by | April 02, 2019 | 00:08

He called on South Africans to be tolerant and be open to living side by side with people from other nations, because "we can not be defined as being intolerant". The main opposition Democratic Alliance, which has accused the ruling ANC party of failing to protect the country's borders, on Monday also condemned "these senseless xenophobic attacks in the strongest possible terms".

by | April 01, 2019 | 01:13

Parliament is due to hold another round of indicative votes on Monday after MPs rejected the Prime Minister's withdrawal agreement for a third time on Friday. It is unclear now how Britain's political parties would agree to cooperate on an issue like Brexit , which has split the country and its two major political parties - Mrs May's ruling Conservatives and Labour.

by | April 01, 2019 | 01:01

Morgan told the BBC that a cross-party coalition might be the only way to break the deadlock if Parliament were to agree on an alternative and May refused to accept it. MPs will hold another set of non-binding votes on various Brexit options in the Commons on Monday. Pro-Brexit leave the European Union supporters attend a rally in Parliament Square after the final leg of the "March to Leave" in London, Friday, March 29, 2019.

by | March 31, 2019 | 02:10

Troops fired tear gas across the border while Palestinian activists clad in bright orange vests tried to keep people away from the border fence. Lieutenant-Colonel Jonathan Conricus, an Israeli military spokesman, said the day had "lots of rioters but significantly less violence", adding that it showed Hamas was able to stop violence when it wanted to.

by | March 31, 2019 | 01:57

The trial of the prominent women activists has heightened global scrutiny of Saudi Arabia's human rights record after last year's murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. They had also advocated for domestic abuse survivors. Concerned for their safety, the women stopped posting on Twitter and other social media sites. "They have been locked up, separated from their loved ones, subjected to torture and threats for simply peacefully calling for women's ...

by | March 31, 2019 | 01:47

President Donald Trump on Thursday defended his support of Puerto Rico in its rebuilding from hurricanes, but he doesn't think officials in the US territory are spending federal assistance wisely. He said that's more than the amount earmarked for Florida and Texas hurricane recovery. Puerto Rico has been in an economic recession for about 13 years and faces a government debt crisis, leading hundreds of thousands of residents to move to the States as the island's poverty rate rise about three ...

by | March 31, 2019 | 01:10

And we could be the last that can do anything about it", the charity said . Previous year across the United Kingdom, 10 million people took part, along with more than 7,000 schools, 400 landmarks and thousands of businesses and organisations, the charity said.

by | March 30, 2019 | 00:58

Investigators believe it was the same system that led to a Lion Air flight to crash in Indonesia less than five months earlier. The newspaper said the preliminary findings from the "black box" recorders were subject to revisions, adding a preliminary report from Ethiopian investigators was expected within days.

by | March 30, 2019 | 00:46

The last time Trump threatened to close the Mexican border was in December, when a row over his demand for billions of dollars in wall funding was at its peak. border have caused persistent tension between the United States and Mexico ever since Trump began his bid for the presidency nearly four years ago, taking a hard line on immigration and saying Mexico was sending rapists and drug runners into the United States.

by | March 30, 2019 | 00:36

Italy and Malta refused at first to let the tanker dock in their ports. The EU has announced it is scrapping its sea patrols in the Mediterranean, which have rescued thousands of refugees and migrants , after the Italian government threatened to veto the entire operation in the waters.

by | March 29, 2019 | 00:40

One student, Faisal Rifayat, said he saw three people attempting to escape by climbing out of the eighth floor soon after the fire began, but one fell and was later declared dead. Another death was reported at the Dhaka Medical College hospital. Duronto TV and Radio Today on the two adjacent buildings stopped broadcast due to evacuation.

by | March 29, 2019 | 00:30

The Marine Corps is staring down a $3.6 billion bill for hurricane fix at Camp Lejeune, while the Air Force has said it will cost at least $5 billion to rebuild Tyndall air base in Florida after it was flattened by another hurricane. The notion that the Secretary of Defense can unilaterally transfer a billion dollars to another agency without authority from Congress is mind-boggling.

by | March 29, 2019 | 00:18

The shooting began shortly after 4 p.m. when the Sand Point resident approached a vehicle near the intersection of Sand Point Way Northeast and Bartlett Avenue Northeast and opened fire , critically injuring the female driver. The 33-year-old suspect was taken into custody after a brief standoff. He crashed into another vehicle nearby, killing the 70-year-old male driver in that auto.

by | March 29, 2019 | 00:13

Just 14 Republicans joined 234 Democrats in voting to override the veto, one more Republican than had bucked Mr Trump in a previous House vote on the border wall emergency. "He added that, "As president, the protection of the nation is my highest duty", and reiterated that there is "definitely a national emergency" at the border".

by | March 28, 2019 | 01:26

Instead of serving as a model of a civilized democratic country to the rest of the world, the Trump administration is ignoring and violating several global treaties. Trump's decision is "completely null and void" for Turkey and for responsible members of the global community that attach importance to the territorial integrity of Syria and of all the countries in the region, the statement went on to say.

by | March 28, 2019 | 01:17

Just weeks before India goes to the polls, Modi said Indian scientists "shot down a live satellite at a low-earth orbit". India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the country had joined the space " super league " on Wednesday after it successfully tested an anti-satellite system in a demonstration of its space warfare capabilities.

by | March 28, 2019 | 00:55

No passengers were on board Southwest Airlines Flight 8701, which was being ferried from Orlando International Airport to Victorville, California , for storage, CNN reported . Boeing said the process by which it designs, develops and tests planes has led to safer and safer air travel, and it sees no reason to overhaul it.

by | March 27, 2019 | 00:35

When Trump entered the private weekly lunch, Republicans could be heard applauding. It gave him more good news this week after the special counsel cleared him and his campaign of colluding with Russian Federation during the 2016 election and his longtime nemesis, attorney Michael Avenatti, being arrested on charges of extortion.

by | March 26, 2019 | 00:49

He was later arrested . Authorities indicted and arrested Avenatti Monday in NY on charges of wire fraud, bank fraud and attempting to extort $20 million from Nike Inc. ET. The complaint said the AAU program coached by the Avenatti client was sponsored by Nike for $72,000 USA annually. On March 20, prosecutors said, Avenatti further detailed his threat.