by | December 23, 2018 | 00:14

With the Fed under pressure to ease its tightening trajectory, gold could benefit in 2019 if the US central bank obliges. Wall Street dipped sharply on Wednesday following the Fed's statement. By looking at the meeting, Committee has been looking for three different moves in the year 2019 while another one by the year 2020. The Fed has increased the key lending rate eight times since December 2015, bringing it up to 2.25 percent after a long stretch at zero in the wake of the global ...

by | December 22, 2018 | 00:24

Tokyo led a rout of Asian shares on Thursday (Dec 20), mirroring big losses on Wall Street after the Fed defied unprecedented pressure from Donald Trump and raised interest rates , sparking fears the move could choke economic growth. All of that makes the Fed's policy of "normalizing" interest rates even more unsettling to investors. "They think the Fed has completely misjudged the situation and now it's just a matter of.

by | December 21, 2018 | 00:57

Reports began surfacing earlier this year that claimed Google was working on a version of its popular search engine for China. In August The Intercept's Ryan Gallagher revealed that Google had been working in secret on a search engine with censorship and surveillance capabilities aimed at allowing it to operate under China's strict internet controls.

by | December 21, 2018 | 00:44

He added that Russian Federation has not yet observed signs of an American withdrawal from Syria. Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday he would probably have to get married again, but did not say to whom. "If missiles appear in Europe, what else can we do?" "It's very hard to imagine how the situation will develop (if the US quits the INF treaty)". Russian President Vladimir Putin (right) looks over toward US President Donald Trump, as Trump speaks during their joint news ...

by | December 19, 2018 | 02:03

Nearly all 60 economists polled by The Wall Street Journal earlier this month estimated that the Fed would raise rates again this week. Any signal the Fed is ready to slow its marching of rates higher would be the best outcome for emerging-market stocks that slumped into a bear market in October.

by | December 19, 2018 | 01:58

OPEC cuts: sufficient or not? In its latest Short-Term Energy Outlook released on Tuesday, EIA estimated that USA crude oil production averaged 11.5 million barrels per day in November, up 150,000 barrels per day from October levels because of platforms resuming normal operations after hurricane-related outages in October.

by | December 18, 2018 | 00:54

The announcement follows plans from other tech giants to expand their operations outside their home bases, such as Amazon's new HQ2 headquarters in NY and Virginia. Google has more than 7,000 workers in NY and Facebook has more than 2,000. Mark Muro, a senior fellow with the Brookings Institution Metropolitan Policy Program, tells Garsd that he's anxious the advantages that tech companies can bring won't be enjoyed by the rest of the country.

by | December 18, 2018 | 00:49

The cauliflower products are clearly labelled with "Adam Brothers Family Farms" but the lettuce produce are not. Furthermore, Adam Bros. requested that its customers notify the downline chain of custody to ensure a full recall. The company said the recall is of an abundance of caution, as the water from the reservoir is treated before coming into contact with harvested produce.

by | December 17, 2018 | 13:48

Shares of Johnson & Johnson (J&J) fell over 6% after Reuters reported that the pharmaceutical company knew that its baby powder was contaminated with cancer-causing asbestos. The company also clarified that Baby Powder was asbestos-free and added it would continue to defend the safety of its product. Earlier this year in St.

by | December 14, 2018 | 01:02

It was narrowly passed after some backlash, 206-203. The compromise also increases acreage in the Conservation Reserve Program and includes an act sponsored by Sen. Thune said the bill heavily emphasizes crop insurance. "What Kansans tell me over and over is the importance of crop insurance and we've seen farm bills that have been pretty damaging to crop insurance", Kansas Senator Jerry Moran says.

by | December 14, 2018 | 00:31

In a statement to USA Today , Southwest referred to the organ on flight 3606 as "a life-critical cargo shipment" that was "intended to stay in Seattle for delivery to a local hospital". Others became concerned after reading that hearts were only viable for transplant for a few hours. While the heart was likely needed for a transplant, its exact objective is not known.

by | December 13, 2018 | 00:43

Certain Kotex tampons are being recalled after some users reported that the product unraveled or came apart, and in some cases, resulted in "pieces left in the body" that required medical attention, according to a new recall announcement. In an online FAQ, Kimberly-Clark said it was taking steps to prevent similar issues from occurring in the future, though its plan is worded vaguely.

by | December 12, 2018 | 15:11

Also on Tuesday came word from Alexander Novak , energy minister for Russia , that his country plans to cut its oil output by at least 50,000 to 60,000 bpd in January under the OPEC agreement; this means Russian oil output will be around 11.35 million bpd next month, compared to its post Soviet-record high of 11.41 million bpd in October.

by | December 11, 2018 | 08:38

While the comment seemed unfounded at the time, Qualcomm has since scored a major victory, with the Chinese court granting a preliminary injunction against the sale and import of iPhones in the country. Meanwhile, European competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager told Reuters that the watchdog could investigate Apple Pay if it receives formal complaints.

by | December 11, 2018 | 08:38

Patel, 55, who took over as the 24th Governor of the central bank on September 5, 2016, had the shortest tenure since 1992. The issues that brought them head on included appropriate size of reserves the central bank must maintain, easing of lending norms to ease liquidity rules certain sectors and guidelines for weak banks.

by | December 11, 2018 | 08:36

After its indictment was announced, Nissan said it took the situation seriously. On Monday, he was charged with making a mis-statement on Nissan's annual securities report. While the Japanese automaker has stepped up its offensive against Ghosn, seeking to block access by his representatives to an apartment in Rio de Janeiro citing a risk that the executive may remove or destroy evidence, the European partner has kept him on as its chairman and CEO.

by | December 09, 2018 | 01:23

For its cash, the seller of cigarette brands such as Marlboro will get a 45% stake in Cronos and a majority of the seats on the. Altria's Chairman and CEO Howard Willard said Cronos will serve as the company's exclusive partner in the global cannabis category .

by | December 09, 2018 | 00:55

On boulevard Poissonniere and boulevard Haussmann, some tried to erect barricades, using urban furniture and stones from the pavement, and defying police forces. He only gave his first name, saying he feared being tracked by security authorities. Since becoming president in January 2017, he has pulled the United States out of the worldwide Paris Agreement on attempting to bring down global temperatures, and torn up a raft of environmental protection laws, saying the USA economy needs the ...

by | December 07, 2018 | 00:31

No other details have been given, but The Globe and Mail reported that she was detained for attempting to evade USA sanctions on Iran, citing a Canadian source with knowledge of the matter. A rout on Wall Street deepened Thursday after news of the arrest of a top executive at Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei stoked fears it could hinder progress in U.S.

by | December 07, 2018 | 00:27

OPEC's de facto leader Saudi Arabia has indicated a need for steep output reductions from January, fearing a glut, but Russian Federation has resisted a large cut, news agency Reuters reported from Vienna . Possibly complicating any Opec decision is the crisis around the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul in October.

by | December 05, 2018 | 01:11

While tariffs alone shouldn't destroy the economy, they certainly add weight to the burden of other problems: falling oil prices, slowing real estate markets, the flattening of the yield curve thanks to "hawkish" comments from the Federal Reserve, and the sinking stock market.

by | December 04, 2018 | 11:14

Mr. Powell didn't provide any more guidance on the likely path for rates, and he noted they remain low by historical standards. How long the market's new love for Powell lasts will be tested in just a few weeks' time when Powell speaks following the Fed's next policy meeting, scheduled for December 19.

by | December 03, 2018 | 04:49

The dust has settled in the trade war between the United States and China . The U.S. -China Economic and Security Review Commission, said in its report that Beijing has been slow to add new categories to the list of prohibited substances.

by | December 01, 2018 | 01:32

The yellow metal climbed and the USA dollar fell following Fed Chair Jerome Powell's comments on interest rate hikes in 2019. His predecessors took care not to directly attack the central bank's rate policy out of concern that such criticism could backfire.

by | December 01, 2018 | 01:18

The meeting came ahead of a two-day G-20 summit from Friday in Argentina's capital, an event that will bring together U.S. President Donald Trump, Chinese President Xi Jinping, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and other world leaders. The new North American trade deal exempts the first 2.6 million SUVs and passenger cars built in Mexico and Canada from new tariffs. "The Chinese side has repeatedly stressed that the essence of Sino-U.S.