Skeletal remains of man missing almost 22 years found in submerged vehicle

Skeletal remains of man missing almost 22 years found in submerged vehicle

The remains of a man who disappeared in Florida more than two decades ago have been found after his vehicle was discovered submerged in a pond on Google Maps. Moldt's remains were found inside the vehicle along Moon Bay Circle, the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office said in a statement.

His remains were found inside the submerged vehicle last month in a pond in Wellington, near Palm Beach, after the manager of The Grand Isles housing development spotted them on Google Earth, Newsweek reports. The former resident told a current resident, who flew a drone above the site and immediately called authorities when he confirmed that the vehicle was there.

After they got the auto out, they found the skeletal remains of Mr Moldt inside.

According to the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System, Moldt left a nightclub alone around 11 the night before he was reported missing.

Cops were called after someone spotted a vehicle on Google Earth.

"The vehicle's exterior was heavily calcified and was obviously in the water for a significant amount of time", the sheriff's office said, according to the newspaper.

Upon hauling it out the water, the remains were discovered and handed to the medical examiner's office to process them and get an identity.

Almost 22 years later, the mystery of Moldt's disappearance remained unsolved - until last month.

"All we know is that he went missing off the face of the Earth, and now he's been discovered".

According to the Charley Project, which keeps an online list of missing people, the auto was first spotted by someone looking at images on Google Earth.

Moldt could have been found 10 years ago.

Although he was not a frequent drinker, on that particular evening he had several drinks at the bar.

Mr Moldt called his girlfriend at about 21:30, telling her he would be home soon, but was never seen or heard from again.

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