Husband, wife murder suspects captured 2 weeks after Blanding escape

Husband, wife murder suspects captured 2 weeks after Blanding escape

U.S. Marshal for the District of Arizona David Gonzales said, "The 16 day intensive manhunt for Blane and Susan Barksdale ended last night".

According to the U.S. Marshals Service, Blane Barksdale, 56, and Susan Barksdale, 59, were taken into custody Wednesday night near Payson, Arizona almost 300 miles from where they escaped on August 26.

The Navajo County Sheriff's Office confirmed the two were arrested Wednesday night but did not provide specific details about how, where or when they were found.

Husband and wife fugitives on the run for over two weeks in the killing of an Arizona man have been captured, authorities announced.

From there, each drove away in a vehicle for about 40 miles and abandoned the van near the town of St. Johns, Arizona. There, the Barksdales have an acquaintance "with a drug background" who is on federal probation for selling methamphetamine, according to Gonzales.

'It was compelling enough that they felt the need to pull over, ' David Gonzales, the US marshal for Arizona, said of Susan's so-called medical emergency.

First, the unnamed owner exited the home. Blane was taken into custody without further incident and was cleared by medical personnel at the scene.

After initially responding to officers' commands, officials say he became "verbally abusive" toward officers, also using obscene gestures.

The Marshalls Service said Blane Barksdale had an extensive criminal record.

But once the two unarmed guards opened the back door, the Barksdales attacked, he said.

Before they vanished, the fugitive couple was spotted driving a red GMC Sierra truck with an Arizona license plate.

The couple's capture came just two days after Barksdale was added to the Unites States Marshals' 15 Most Wanted List. There were rewards offered for information leading to the arrest of the Barksdales.

The couple allegedly fled to NY after killing 72-year-old Frank Bligh in Tucson in April.

Evidence prompted authorities to issue homicide arrest warrants for the couple.

They are wanted in connection to the April death of Frank Bligh, 72, in Tuscon.

The Barkdales had an initial appearance scheduled in Tucson Thursday afternoon on an unlawful flight to avoid prosecution charge, which would be dismissed, Gonzales said.

There are still many unknowns with the case.

Bligh had vanished about one week before the fire at his home.

The couple will be taken south to Tucson to appear in court later Thursday.

Once in custody, Barksdale told Bayless that he "didn't choose wisely with his actions".

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