Tropical development in the Gulf becoming more likely

Tropical development in the Gulf becoming more likely

The area is still attempting to recover from the devastating amount of damage. At that time, it should have crossed the Florida peninsula.

The Bahamas was just hit last week by Hurricane Dorian, which made landfall as a catastrophic Category 5 storm.

While it doesn't look like we will see significant development at the moment, this is the middle of September and conditions overall would still be favorable for strengthening.

National Hurricane Center forecasters say the system has a 20% chance in the next two days and a 30% chance over the next five days.

Once it crosses into the eastern Gulf there is the possibility for some development, maybe becoming a tropical depression or weak tropical storm. Boating conditions will worsen as gusty winds take over on Wednesday and Thursday, peaking at that point.

The latest tropical storm to dissipate was Tropical Storm Gabriella, which means the next storm, which is the eighth of the season, will be called Humberto. Although this disturbance continues to produce disorganized showers some slight development of the system as possible in the coming days. "This will provide the area with increasing breezes and periods of heavy tropical rainfall Friday-Sunday".

A broad low pressure system associated with a tropical wave is located about 800 miles east of the lesser Antilles.

A cluster of thunderstorms in the Caribbean is expected to move into the Gulf of Mexico during the weekend.

The tropical wave located between the west coast of Africa and the Cabo Verde islands is forecast to move quickly westward during the next several days.

A tropical wave slowly heading toward Florida has highly increased chances of developing into an organized storm over the next five days, according to the National Hurricane Center.

Friday: Isolated rain chance with highs in the mid 90s inland and upper 80s beaches.

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