UK: Snap election will be an European Union referendum in disguise - Danske Bank

UK: Snap election will be an European Union referendum in disguise - Danske Bank

Downing Street said Mr Johnson would set out his case directly to the public on Thursday, claiming that Mr Corbyn wants to "surrender" to Brussels by "begging" for a delay beyond the October 31 Brexit deadline.

"After the defeat, PM Boris Johnson said he would put forward a proposal today, calling for a snap election on 15 October".

He also appeared to shout at Corbyn that he was a "great big girl's blouse" - a coward - over his decision to back an election only when a no-deal Brexit was off the agenda.

Those explanations that MPs are most happy to acknowledge openly revolve around Brexit; specifically, some fear that Boris Johnson could go ahead with no deal - even if the Benn Bill has received Royal Assent - by failing to abide by the law.

"But if I'm still Prime Minister after Tuesday October 15, then we will leave on October 31 with, I hope, a much better deal".

The British prime minister failed in his effort to call a snap general election last night.

Mark Drakeford said people are not prepared to "take assurances" from the PM that he would not pursue a no-deal Brexit if an election was called.

She tweeted: "Not allowing Johnson to cut and run for an election simply as a tactic to force through a no-deal Brexit is one thing - and why opposition right to insist on passage of anti no-deal Bill".

"Opposition must get Bill through and then seek to force election BEFORE Parliament prorogued".

They hoped forcing Mr Corbyn to wait until after the current Brexit date of October 31 would force the Prime Minister into an election campaign having failed to get the United Kingdom out of the European Union by the date he had always promised.

Labour's Caerphilly MP Wayne David told the BBC Radio Wales Breakfast with Claire Summers programme that his and Labour's view was "we're against an early general election before 31 October and the reason for that is quite simple - we do not trust Boris Johnson".

As reported by LabourList on Monday and explored further since, Labour MPs have been expressing deep concern over the prospect of an election before October 31st.

Mr Johnson was criticised for the remarks, with Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell saying he was "demeaning" the office of Prime Minister.

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