Gina Miller LOSES bid to scupper Boris Johnson's suspension of Parliament

Gina Miller LOSES bid to scupper Boris Johnson's suspension of Parliament

Boxed in by opponents and abandoned politically even by his own brother, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson struggled Thursday to keep his Brexit plans on track, and he accused lawmakers of thwarting democracy by blocking his call for a new election.

"We now expect Britain to avoid a disastrous no-deal Brexit, but an election is looking like an increasing likelihood in the near-future", said Morten Lund, a currency strategist at Nordea Markets.

Johnson said there must be an election so the British public can decide whether to leave the European Union at the end of next month or remain in the bloc for longer.

However, his aggressive style and insistence on loyalty has already sparked a backlash, with former Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson joining a chorus of criticism against the expulsion of 21 MPs who rebelled against the Government on Tuesday.

He was dealt a further personal blow Thursday when his brother Jo said he was quitting his junior ministerial role and would not contest his seat in parliament again.

Asked whether there was room for redemption, the Mr Javid said: "I would hope so".

The government has suggested it will hold a vote on another motion under the Fixed-term Parliaments Act on Monday, a procedure that requires two-thirds of MPs to back it if it is to pass.

Boris Johnson says he is attempting to negotiate a last-minute deal with the European Union.

On Monday, as Prime Minister Boris Johnson faced harsh criticism within his own party, about 52,000 people registered, followed by more than 64,000 on the following day.

The UK currency has recovered the ground it lost since Johnson announced last week that he would suspend Parliament for over a month ahead of the Brexit deadline, setting off a rebellion which ultimately led to lawmakers seeking to block him from pursuing a no-deal.

"If we vote to have a general election then, no matter what it is that Boris Johnson promises, it is up to him to advise the Queen when the general election should be", she said.

"It's been an honour to represent Orpington for 9 years & to serve as a minister under three PMs", Jo Johnson said in a tweet.

This is the second time Jo Johnson has taken a very public stand over Brexit.

She added: "On the basis of what Jeremy [Corbyn] has said we would need to put a viable leave option against remain".

"We can see that another six months would not solve the problem", France's European Affairs Minister Amelie de Montchalin said on Thursday.

Critics of the prime minister claimed that he was attempting to silence parliament as the deadline for Brexit - October 31 - approached.

Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks during Prime Minister's Questions session in the House of Commons in London, Britain Sept. 4, 2019.

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