Android 10 arrives with new machine learning, security features

Android 10 arrives with new machine learning, security features

As rumoured previously, Google has brought the Android 10 update to the market, releasing it to devices like its Pixel family.

On a related note, while we've been anticipating the dessert name of Android Q, Google has confirmed that the upcoming version will be simply called Android 10. Yet another mobile service provider Telus (also Canadian, ) had listed "Android Q+ security update" to arrive today on Pixel phones on their page. For the most part, the new navigation gestures work just fine and feel more efficient than those in Pie, especially when you try to switch between apps. The new thing to get used to is swiping inwards on either side of the screen to go back. In Android 10 you'll be able to enjoy at least 65 new emoji and likely even more in the near future. Google's gestural navigation system is quite frankly a mess to this date, and Google was even making changes to the system on the Android 10 beta last month.

Android 10 Location Permissions

Android 10 update screenshot on Google Pixel 3.

If you want to play the Android 10 hidden nonogram puzzle game, this is how: the technique was originally found by 9to5Google, but we've followed the steps to verify it works. The dark theme or Dark Mode is finally integrated into the operating system, with great benefit for the night hours (the Dark versions of Gmail, Photos and the Google App are already available).

With Android 10, users can now choose to share location data with apps only when they're using them - similar to Apple's iOS 13 and iOS 12. All these gestures will require some learning and to make it more user-friendly, Google has implemented an intensity customiser for the gestures so that it doesn't mess with other apps that you might be using. Did you get an update to it on your Pixel smartphone today?

The changes to the core user experience are joined by major security improvements that will make Android devices a tougher target for hackers.

One of the biggest highlights of Android 10 is system-wide Dark Mode. There is also now a privacy section where you can see all the web, app, and ad control settings as well as granular controls particularly when it comes to location data. Additionally, devices that run Android 10 transmit a randomized MAC addresses (a unique number that identifies your device) by default.

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