Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey hacked, sending racist tweets

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey hacked, sending racist tweets

Twitter says in a statement they're investigating what happened.

The hacker posted a series of offensive messages from Dorsey's including racial slurs and re-tweeted a message supporting Nazi Germany.

Jack Dorsey's Twitter account has been hacked.

The hacked tweets included sexist, racist and anti-Semitic comments, as well as bomb threats directed at Twitter headquarters. "Hopefully Jack and Twitter will improve safety measures this weekend".

The group that hacked the account appears to call themselves the "Chuckling Squad" and tweeted as Dorsey telling his followers to join their Discord and "Chuckle with us". Cloudhopper's technology is now powering Twitter's SMS functionality, ad among other things allows users to tweet via SMS.

It took Twitter approximately 15 minutes to delete the inappropriate tweets from Dorsey's account, and it's still not clear how the hackers gained access.

As such, Jack's actual Twitter account wasn't breached - his account's connection to Cloudhopper likely was.

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