Tenn. man suing Popeyes for not having chicken sandwich

Tenn. man suing Popeyes for not having chicken sandwich

A man in Tennessee is threatening to sue the popular restaurant chain Popeyes after he spent "countless driving time" and lost money to a scammer trying to obtain one of its sold-out chicken sandwiches.

Craig Barr's suit accuses the company of false advertising, deceptive business practices and causing him to waste "countless time driving" to and from local chains to find the sandwich. He says he drove around to several locations only to be told at each of them that there was no chicken sandwich available.

He also claimed he was attacked and sustained damage to his vehicle, but "never came out with [a] chicken sandwich".

Popeyes tweeted early this week announcing that the sandwich was officially sold out nationwide, but even before the announcement, getting a hold of one was no easy task, with lines lasting hours and individual locations selling out of supplies.

The Popeyes chicken sandwich craze has been closely documented by news outlets and discussed on social media since its debut. I can't think straight.

Bar told site: 'I have this sandwich on my mind. He offered free food to Walker after she and her colleague were disappointed to learn that they would not be enjoying the new chicken sandwich, since the store was sold out. "It just consumes you". "Who runs out of chicken?" The county gave Barr a court date of October 28. "It's a big fiasco", he told the paper.

Barr is asking for $5,000 in damages. "Someone has to stand up to big corporate", said an agitated Barr.

Since the chicken sandwich wars began on Twitter, the two restaurants have been notoriously feuding and competing in an attempt to make the best chicken sandwich.

On Wednesday the official Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Instagram account posted the following picture (above), stating that they were working to get the sandwiches back in restaurants as soon as possible.

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