UK Libdems would back Clarke or Harman as new PM

UK Libdems would back Clarke or Harman as new PM

A group of rebel Conservative MPs in the United Kingdom have agreed to meet Jeremy Corbyn to try to stop a no-deal Brexit.

"The key lies entirely with the British Parliament", he said.

If he wins a no-confidence vote in the government, the Labour leader said he would delay Brexit still further, call a snap election and campaign for another referendum.

Senior Remain-supporting Tories Dominic Grieve and Sir Oliver Letwin, as well as independent MP Nick Boles, have also agreed to meet Mr Corbyn.

But the Liberal Democrats and Change UK have turned down his offer. Therefore, they see the no-confidence motion as the last resort.

Swinson, whose party has only 13 seats in parliament, was openly hostile to Corbyn's offer.

"We can not tolerate an undemocratic and disastrous no-deal being forced on the country by Boris Johnson", Watson said.

The Labour Party needs a vote of general disapproval in the administration not long after parliament comes back from its late spring break on September 3.

He added that he would delay Brexit, send the country to the polls and campaign for another referendum on European Union membership.

Downing Street said in a reaction that Corbyn would annul the referendum and ruin the economy if he became prime minister.

"There is no way [Corbyn] can unite rebel Conservatives and Independents to stop Boris Johnson", said Swinson, who gained her 14th MP on Wednesday as Sarah Wollaston defected to the Liberal Democrats from the Independent Group, having previously defected from the Conservatives.

But even some Blairites suggested that, given the timeframe involved, it might be necessary to give temporary backing to Corbyn. Others have made the same calculation as Streeting. "It is legitimate to oppose independence and to argue against a referendum - it's not legitimate for Westminster to block a democratic mandate and a majority vote in the Scottish Parliament for indyref2".

We are very much open to the idea of a Unity Government. "It doesn't matter who leads it..."

Green MP Caroline Lucas also called on Swinson to rethink in a personal appeal, which she recorded in a video on Twitter: "Please join us in engaging with Corbyn to see if we can find a way forward".

Yesterday, Spelman appeared to backtrack on the letter, saying: "I could not support a Corbyn government, end of".

"If the House of Commons asks them to lead an emergency government to get our country out of this Brexit mess and to stop us driving off that cliff to a no deal, then yes they are prepared to do that".

The prime minister is expected to meet the leaders of Germany and France ahead of next weekend's European Council, in an attempt to achieve a breakthrough.

"Boris Johnson and his cabinet are now actively pursuing that risky path, and I am committed to working with others across party lines in Parliament to stop no-deal Brexit", she said. "It's not about implementing Labour policy". If it was truly a pro-European party that puts the countries of the United Kingdom ahead of party it would not concern itself with such personality politics. The question is, if not Jeremy who would it be?

Vanessa Mock, a European Commission spokeswoman, said "our doors are open" to discuss matters with the United Kingdom although any "concrete proposals" should be "compatible" with the Withdrawal Agreement. "It's essentially forced parties to unmask", wrote Tracy Keeling for the Canary. Stirling reached above $1.21 and remained there after Corbyn launched his plan.

He also refused to back the Labour leader to be a caretaker prime minister, telling BBC Radio Scotland's Good Morning Scotland programme it was "absolutely vital" any interim PM commanded "high levels of trust". According to Corbyn, this can only be detrimental to jobs, rules, food standards and workers' rights in the United Kingdom. "This is the latest of many red lines he has crossed".

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