Six US police wounded in Philadelphia shooting

Six US police wounded in Philadelphia shooting

A man was arrested in Philadelphia late Wednesday after authorities said several police officers had been shot in the neighbourhood of Nicetown, in the northern part of the city. The standoff began after officers attempted to execute a search warrant at Hill's rowhouse.

"We know someone's firing a high-powered rifle out the window at police officers, potentially putting civilians at risk", he said.

After multiple police officers were shot in Philadelphia near Temple University's Health Sciences Center campus, the university reminded people of its motto.

Shortly after midnight, police announced the suspect had been arrested.

Johnson told the district attorney he was in touch with the suspect, who was "expressing concerns that he might be killed if he came out and he had concerns about what would happen to him when he came out, including the future in terms of any possible case", Krasner said.

"We have an officer shot. they're still being shot at". According to the district attorney, he, the police commissioner and Hill's former attorney spoke with the suspect to bring the standoff to a peaceful end. He said the suspect told him on the phone during the standoff that he had an "extensive" criminal history, but the chief would not comment on specifics about his criminal background.

Lawmakers need to "step up" and address gun violence with legislation or "step aside" and "allow cities like Philadelphia that struggle with gun violence to enact their own solutions", he said.

Hill, who has so far not been charged with crimes, came out of the home in the wee hours of Thursday after police used tear gas. They don't typically, in scenarios like this, take black defendants into custody.

"We do know this guy came actually outside with a gun ... so this could have been even more unsafe and volatile if not for the professionalism of SWAT" officers, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross said.

"I think what it says is that the system had multiple contacts with this man, and the system. did things that obviously did not stop this incident", Krasner said.

All six wounded officers were released from hospital, with one officer surviving a bullet graze to the head and another after a bullet hit body armor on his back. They were there for hours until a SWAT team evacuated them, but, he said, the gunman remained inside with no intention of surrendering. "This is why he was making the outlandish demands he was making", said Police Commissioner Richard Ross.

Two officers are trapped inside the row house, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross told the Inquirer newspaper.

"He had a long and very unsafe criminal record".

Around three hours into the standoff, Philadelphia Police reported the six officers were taken to area hospitals with gunshot wounds, but none had life-threatening injuries.

Authorities are trying to determine whether there is an outstanding warrant pending against Hill, based on a docket reference to a March 2018 probation violation, said Philadelphia-based U.S. Attorney William McSwain.

"Looked like he was having a good time after his capture, and after wounding so many police", Trump wrote on Twitter.

McSwain said Thursday that the standoff was precipitated by a disrespect for law enforcement that the district attorney Krasner is championing. Both went to the scene, but the police commissioner kept them off the block.

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