USA states sue over Trump administration’s rule to limit legal immigration

USA states sue over Trump administration’s rule to limit legal immigration

In the lawsuit, the states say such programs as Medicaid, food stamps and section 8 subsidies, the programs that would lead to deportation under the new rule, are commonly used by working families, while the term "public charge", has since colonial days referred to people who are permanent wards of the state.

"They certainly are: 'Give me your exhausted and your poor who can stand on their own two feet and who will not become a public charge, '" Cuccinelli responded, offering his own adapted version of the poem. "I am committed to defending all of New York's communities, which is why I intend to sue the Trump administration over this egregious rule".

Legal immigrants are already refusing services they are legally entitled to, whether from government sources or private charities, out of concern they would harm their chances of remaining in the country, according to professionals who provide food, health and housing services. The change is expected to impact over 380,000 people seeking to adjust their immigration status.

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Immigration activists across the country have expressed outrage following the Trump administration's announcement Monday that it is moving forward with one of most aggressive steps yet: To restrict legal immigration. His comments are racially charged because the Trump administration is trying to scale back access to safety-net benefits by migrants hoping to become legal US residents.

Trump rose to the White House fanning unease about an increasingly diverse nation, where demographic and immigration trends are projected to make whites a minority in less than two decades.

But Democrats and immigration supporters condemned Cuccinelli's comment. In other words, immigration officials will look more thoroughly at the credit scores, wealth, age and educational background of immigration applicants to determine whether they are worthy of being here. And Trump has continued to push that message.

Means testing for legal immigrants.

The response to the Trump administration's regulation should not be to merely roll it back. He has also spoken disparagingly about immigration from majority black and Hispanic countries, including calling Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals when he launched his 2016 campaign.

We also can not avoid the fact that a mostly white Foreign Service - which is only 5.4 percent African American and 5.6 percent Hispanic - is being tasked with making such value judgments on a mostly brown and black immigrant population.

Immigration official Cuccinelli seemed to limit the reach of the Statue of Liberty poem in an interview with CNN on Tuesday night.

Cuccinelli, who has said his family is of Irish and Italian origin, told CNN that the poem referred "to people coming from Europe where they had class-based societies".

His own agency seems to like the original.

The data is based on 3,509 households served in the first seven months of 2018 and 4,145 in the same period of 2019, a lot of them Latino and immigrant families, Moore said.

Hai Do adapted this story for Learning English based on reporting by the Associated Press and Reuters.

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