OH shooter's friend didn't know of plan, officials say

OH shooter's friend didn't know of plan, officials say

Within 30 seconds, officers shot and killed the suspect.

Betts' sister was among the dead.

"There is no evidence and no allegation. that Kollie intentionally participated in the planning" of the August 4 shooting, he said.

Prosecutors say the friend stored the items in his apartment in order to hide them from the shooter's parents, according to federal charges unsealed on Monday.

Kollie is accused of lying on a federal form when he purchased a pistol for himself in May that required him to answer whether he is a user of any drugs illegal under federal law.

A message seeking comment was left with Kollie's attorney.

Federal authorities say the Ethan Kollie, 24, a friend of the Dayton shooter bought him body armor and a firearm accessory earlier this year.

The Aug. 4 attack, which ended when police shot and killed 24-year-old Connor Betts, was one of three-high profile mass shootings over three weeks that stunned the United States and stoked its long-running debate on gun rights.

One bill would require background checks on all firearms transactions.

Lehner also now backs a Democrat-sponsored "red flag" bill creating a process for removing guns from someone who poses an imminent danger to themselves or others.

Instead, federal officials say Kollie made false statements on federal forms in purchasing and possessing weapons, each count related to allegations that Kollie lied about his drug use on federal firearm documents.

Authorities have said hundreds more people may have died had Betts gotten inside.

The charges come a little over a week after the mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio. The 24-year-old Connor Betts opened fire in a popular entertainment district, killing his sister and eight others.

Police have said that there was nothing in Betts' background that would have prevented him from buying the AR-15 style gun used in the shooting.

Federal officials will announce charges Monday stemming from their investigation into the deadly shooting in Dayton last Sunday morning.

Betts, who was armed with an AR-15, wearing body armor and a mask and had as many as 250 rounds of ammunition, was taken down by cops about 30 seconds after he opened fire.

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