Germany Pins Hopes on Parliament to Thwart Johnson’s Brexit Plan

Germany Pins Hopes on Parliament to Thwart Johnson’s Brexit Plan

But after Brecon, Mr Johnson is even more vulnerable to a no-confidence vote, especially given there are plenty of potential Tory rebels, including former cabinet ministers, opposed to a no-deal Brexit - though whether they would vote to bring down their own government is debatable.

It's part of what the government calls economic "boosterism" as it prepares for Brexit on Halloween; it includes a cash injection of 2.1 billion pounds to prepare the economy for a no-deal split from the EU.

But it would require Labour working with opposition parties, including the Lib Dems, SNP and Change UK to make it happen, something Jeremy Corbyn might be reluctant to do.

Johnson's demands to "get rid" of the Irish backstop from the deal - an insurance policy written in to prevent a hard border on the island of Ireland in the event the United Kingdom and European Union fail to negociate a long-term trade deal - were called unacceptable by the EU.

'Utter determination'Jack Dromey said Parliament will move to block no-deal.

Health secretary Matt Hancock has told the BBC that Parliament will be unable to block a no-deal Brexit on October 31 after failing to do so in parliamentary votes back in June. I think it's going to be a very rocky and tumultuous phase that we are heading into, but then after the election; an agreement and a deal will then be struck.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's central scenario is a no-deal Brexit and he has no intention of renegotiating the Withdrawal Agreement, European diplomats were quoted as telling The Guardian newspaper.

Polling and, crucially, the UK's first past the post electoral system, along with the current unpopularity of Labour, suggests that Johnson may feel confident of triumphing in an election.

Senior members of Mr Johnson's team have asserted that MPs have no ability to prevent a no-deal Brexit, despite him being in office with a majority of just one.

Corbyn said Labour would do "everything" to stop a no-deal including holding the no confidence vote. "So that has actually changed my mind because the parliamentary arithmetic did not play out as I anticipated".

The chief executive at the Nuffield Trust health think tank, Nigel Edwards, said the sum "will only be a fraction of what it would cost to really upgrade 20 hospitals". Mr Farage warned of an Autumn general election and pointed out that the recent by-election results in Brecon and Peterborough showed that his party and the Conservatives were sharing the Brexit vote between them. By raising these, the government unlocks more money to be spent on capital projects to improve facilities.

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