Doom Trilogy Has Dropped for All Major Consoles out of Nowhere

Doom Trilogy Has Dropped for All Major Consoles out of Nowhere

While Doom and Doom 2 only require you to log in to a Bethesda account once to unlock the game, Doom 3 will require it every time you play in order for all of the features and content to be available.

Above you can view the official DOOM mobile gameplay trailer.

QuakeCon is now in Day 2 continues the "Year of Doom", both to celebrate the groundbreaking FPS classic's 25th anniversary and to look ahead to the coming release of Doom Eternal.

The hidden gem of id Software's influential shooter franchise DOOM, DOOM 64, may be making its way to modern hardware.

Earlier today, shortly following the re-releases listings, players on ResetERA began reporting that they could not redownload these earlier versions of Doom and Doom II.

Doom II also includes local four-player multiplayer and co-op as well as 20 new levels via The Master Levels, an expansion pack comprised of maps made by the Doom community and "supervised" by the developers. If you want to purchase these paritcular Doom games, be sure to do so on Xbox One. The title was a big hit with players and soon joined by a sequel, DOOM 2, in 1994.

Doom II introduced millions of players to the overpowered shotgun. While Doom 3 isn't the third part in a trilogy, it's the critically-acclaimed retelling of he original Doom where players must battle their way through a demon-infested facility before entering the abyss to battle Hell's mightiest warrior.

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