Google Launches ‘Gallery Go’ App For Those Without Internet

Google Launches ‘Gallery Go’ App For Those Without Internet

As mentioned, Gallery Go is created to work offline; it basically uses less than data than the now existing Google Photos app, taking up only 10MB of space on Android devices.

For those without a reliable internet connection, organizing and editing photos can be hard.

Surprisingly, Google Gallery Go is available worldwide - not just in the regions that would benefit most from an app like this. The new app is a gallery app and it is called Gallery Go, where the "Go" suggests that the app is optimized for low end Android Go phones like the Nokia 1, Nokia 1 Plus, Nokia 2.1 and others.

Gallery Go will organise your pictures into selfies, food, animals etc. As for editing, the app carries the same "Auto" enhancing as seen in the Google Photos app. Download Gallery Go by Google Photos here to check it out.

The app helps users find, edit and manage their photos and it organizes them offline.

Auto-enhance - Gallery Go has easy to use photo editing tools, such as auto-enhance which will make your photos look their best with one-tap.

"We've crossed this really critical milestone of a billion monthly users, and Gallery Go is how we think about the next billion". "And at just 10 MB, the app won't slow down your phone and leaves space to store more memories", part of the blog post reads. Both apps also allow you to copy photos from your MicroSD card.

For one thing, Gallery Go is a much smaller app. Weighing in at less than 10MB, it's considerably less than Google Photos' weight of 70MB (according to the 4.15 listing on APK Mirror).

In any case, if you want to try Gallery Go for yourself, you can download it from the Play Store now.

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