Fortnite Update 2.29 Patch Notes and File Sizes Now Live

Fortnite Update 2.29 Patch Notes and File Sizes Now Live

Fortnite studio Epic Games detailed several events happening within and outside the game this week, including new challenges and Fortnite World Cup Finals. Note for brevity and clarity, we're only including Battle Royale patch updates on this page.

Follow the link above for more details on what we know is coming to the game tomorrow afternoon.

Drop into the Fortnite lobby to begin your viewing of the Fortnite World Cup Pro-Am and Finals... while playing the game!

And since this is a Fortnite themed controller, I expect this to fly off of shelves when it gets released. Fortnite's v9.41 did not have downtime, which may be subject to all of the future content updates.

Epic released a tweet today revealing that it will release the Fortnite version 9.41 content update tomorrow at 8AM ET. A small download will be required but no maintenance. Battle Pass players will be able to pick up three outfit variants, a new loading screen, and XP. If you play more tactically, building up defenses ahead of a match's final moments, the Storm Scout will give you a significant edge over your opponents.

The Epic and Legendary weapon will deal 81 damage and 85 damage, respectively.

Reload Speed: 2.84s/2.7s.

Elsewhere, Epic Games could include fixes for one or two long-standing problems.

In other Fortnite news, a giant fight kicked off last weekend between the robot being built in the map and the huge monster that invaded, so things are definitely heating up before Season 10 starts on August 1.

The company is also investigating issues with reporting fellow players and problems with ziplines. Here is what players will get to enjoy.

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