Hulu surprise-drops 'Veronica Mars' Season 4 early

Hulu surprise-drops 'Veronica Mars' Season 4 early

The fourth season of Hulu's "Veronica Mars" dropped in its entirety one week early on July 19 to the surprise of fans - and journalists - everywhere.

The streamer announced this during the show's Friday panel at San Diego Comic Con. Instead of the traditional 22 episodes of its previous seasons and most network dramas, Hulu's Veronica Mars will consist of eight episodes.

The hourlong limited series from Rob Thomas follows a new mystery whereby spring breakers are being murdered in Neptune, thereby decimating the seaside town's lifeblood tourist industry.

Veronica Mars originally premiered in September 2004, and ran for three seasons on UPN/The CW before wrapping up in May 2007. A "Veronica Mars" movie debuted in 2014 after a successful kickstarter campaign. We know that the show will only be renewed if the show is really popular with the audience and if they demand another season of the season.

Aloof, whenever the luxuriate in story begins to drag or the thriller will get irritatingly convoluted, and despite an abrupt (and seemingly convenient) tiring detour into tragedy, "Veronica Mars" finds systems to appeal you.

Bell recently told TVLine that she will continue to play the character for "as long as the fans want".

Bell admitted she "was a little bit nervous" about becoming Veronica again, but that changed the moment she said the first words Thomas wrote.

Official cancellation or renewal decisions for "Veronica Mars" Season 5 haven't been made yet, but since Hulu chose to drop Season 4 a week early, perhaps the company's decision about the future of the show will arrive sooner rather than later, as well.

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