Google Stadia controller will not support Bluetooth headsets at launch

Google Stadia controller will not support Bluetooth headsets at launch

Doronichev reiterated that Stadia Base players won't receive free games like Stadia Pro members.

Doronichev emphasized that the Pro service won't be "all you can eat", but that for $10 a month, subscribers will get some serious benefits. The subscription works more like Audible - where you pay a monthly fee and get access to a bunch of free content (games) and can purchase games to play on the platform.

"Now we are not speaking about 2.0 types of games that will need more work and this we will see more in the future action", he added. Unfortunately, there will be no free games offered on the free tier, although that hopefully doesn't include completely free-to-play games like Fornite.

That same sentiment carried over to another question, where Doronichev was asked which announced features would available at launch. "But what we can do is to launch the service and continue investing in it for years to come". A Pro subscription lets you stream games in 4K/HDR at 60FPS with 5.1 surround surround, and it gives you access to unspecified discounts and a growing library of free games, but it won't give you instant access to a massive library. "Starting with Destiny 2", Andrey explained.

While the information in regards to whether Stadia Base includes free games has actually already been answered, the other questions there did prompt Doronichev to drop some other interesting tidbits.

As a refresher, Google will offer two different subscription options for Stadia.

With all of the speculation surrounding Google's entry into the video game streaming market, Google has asked that people stop referring to Stadia Pro as "Netflix for Games". "To be clear, Stadia Pro is not "Netflix for Games" like some people have mentioned", he said.

Stadia is poised to drop in November 2019 for early adopters, and for those who pony up $130 for the "Founder's Edition" version, it will launch with several titles, including some exclusive to the platform. They will not be given any free games they missed while they were unsubscribed, however. Microsoft's service is available for $9.99 on either PC or Xbox One, while a combined PC/Xbox One offering will set you back $14.99 a month. There is nothing I can tell you to make you believe my words. However, they will have access to the "state-of-the-art gaming hardware in our datacenter" and will only have to spend money on games they want.

"At launch you'll be able to manage your friends list, create parties and use platform-level voice chat".

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