Coast Guard conducts daring drug interception at sea

Coast Guard conducts daring drug interception at sea

The video was filmed on June 18 but was only released today.

Watch the drama unfold in the video above.

The guardsmen recovered 17,000 pounds of cocaine, estimated to be worth $232 million.

The U.S. Coast Guard released a dramatic video of its crew members finding and then bravely leaping onto a moving drug-filled submarine in the Pacific Ocean.

"Stop your boat!" a Coast Guard member's voice can be heard repeatedly shouting in Spanish. Video released by the authorities on Thursday showed one guardsman pounding the hatch of the vessel with his fist and trying to tear it apart before the smuggler emerges and surrenders to U.S. authorities.

Crew members then jump onto the top of the mostly submerged "narco sub" as it cuts through the waves before prying open the hatch. Stephen Brickey told the newspaper.

"That is a remarkable record of success", he said, adding that since October 2016, the Coast Guard has seized more than 1.2 million pounds of cocaine.

Fifty-five smuggling suspects were taken into custody, the Associated Press reported.

The Cutter Munro's efforts form part of a U.S. push to combat drug trafficking out of South and Central America. "For us to get one, it's a significant event".

Fifty-five smuggling suspects were arrested over 14 operations conducted in global waters off Mexico, Central and South America. Coast Guard patrols may encounter a narco sub about once a year.

This particular semisubmersible - a ship partially submerged that can not fully dive like a submarine - was sunk by the Coast Guard, Brickey said.

The US Coast Guard offloaded $569 million worth of cocaine and marijuana in San Diego on Thursday, the result of 14 separate suspected drug smuggling interventions in global waters between May and July.

Around 80 per cent of drugs that enter the United States come from the Pacific corridor and authorities stop about 11 per cent of semi-submersible boats, he said.

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