Migrant rescue sailboat defies Salvini, docks in Italy

Migrant rescue sailboat defies Salvini, docks in Italy

With little external support coming the way of the Italian government, Sea-Watch stated that they "will continue to ensure that human rights are respected in the Mediterranean, if necessary with a new ship, if ours remains under seizure".

The migrants on board the Alex, run by the Mediterranea charity, have not yet disembarked in Lampedusa.

And a ballotpublished within the Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera on Saturday said 59% of Italians authorized of Mr Salvini shutting Italy's ports off to NGO-urge vessels.

The Italian-flagged Alex is operated by the migrant rescue charity Mediterranea, which said conditions aboard the sailboat had become intolerable.

However, Italian authorities refuse to allow a nearby German rescue ship, with 60 migrants on board, to dock.

Italian authorities have seized the vessel, called Alex, and arrested its captain under new laws.

An air strike late on Tuesday (2 July) hit a detention centre for mainly African migrants in a suburb of the Libyan capital of Tripoli, killing at least 40 people and wounding 80, a health official said.

The deal appears aimed at avoiding what would be the 21st standoff between Italy's populist government and humanitarian groups rescuing migrants at sea.

"Nobody puts their lives and the lives of their families at risk on these desperate boat journeys unless they feel they have no other choice", Vincent Cochetel, UNHCR Special Envoy for the Mediterranean, said in a statement. The crossing has grown more unsafe since Italy closed its ports to humanitarian vessels a year ago.

The Alan Kurdi, which had been banned from entering Maltese waters after waiting off the island of Lampedusa in recent days, is the third rescue vessel in a week to make headlines.

The migrants were brought ashore after being transferred to the Maltese navy from the Alan Kurdi rescue ship.

In a series of tweets on Sunday, Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said the group were met by an army vessel in the country's waters, where they changed boats and were taken to shore.

Italy's interior ministry said it had provided food, medicines and 400 liters of water, while another 400 had been refused by the Alex due to a lack of space.

Closing one year, he closed Italian ports to rescue ships and Italy has launched fines for any individual crusing into its waters with out permission.

Sea-Eye said "we are not intimidated" by Italy's hard-line interior minister, Matteo Salvini, "but instead head toward the nearest port of safety".

It comes just a week after a different rescue ship, the Sea-Watch 3, landed on Lampedusa after being stranded at sea for two weeks.

Italy has been one in every of the main locations for migrants making an try to attain Europe via the North Africa route, mostly from Libya.

Salvini, after the Alex docked, said he would deny the Alan Kurdi any request to enter port.

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