Fifa seeking to expand Women's World Cup, Latest Football News

Fifa seeking to expand Women's World Cup, Latest Football News

Infantino has proposed doubling the prize money of the Women's World Cup, with the BBC reporting that the figure would increase from $30m (€26.8m) this year to $60m in 2023.

Rapinoe said FIFA's decision to allow the Copa America final and the Gold Cup final to take place on the same day as the women's final was "unbelievable".

If the World Cup is expanded to 32 teams, the calibre of play in the developing countries would also have to improve to prevent mismatches like the United States' 13-0 win against Thailand in its opening game of the tournament.

In addition to New Zealand, the other bidders are recent men's World Cup hosts Brazil and South Africa, plus Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Colombia, Japan and South Korea, who could bid with North Korea.

Federation Internationale de Football Association is looking to expand the Women's World Cup from 24 to 32 teams.

Expanding the World Cup may be hard to do for the next event in 2023 as the bidding process has started with a 24-team format. Women's World Cup 2019: Ex-USWNT coach thrilled former American star Sarina Wiegman leading Netherlands in final against U.S.

Bidding for the 2023 tournament - which has yet to be allocated and was set to contain 24 sides - may have to restart to accommodate the extra teams.

"There was a before and there will be an after the World Cup but it is up to us to seize the opportunity and do something about it", added Infantino, who last month was re-elected for a second four-year term. "But now we have the evidence to do it for women's football".

With the growth of women's professional soccer, particularly in Europe, the standard of play at the World Cup is as high as it's ever been.

"What other event, other than the men's World Cup, can unite one billion people around the world to come together like this?"

"Nothing is impossible and based on the success of this World Cup of course we have to believe bigger and to do what we should have done already probably some time ago", Infantino said.

Earlier in the tournament, United States of America star Alex Morgan stated her wish to see the competition expanded to give developing countries more reason to invest in the women's game. "We don't need all that money in Swiss banks", Infantino said.

"I think we have to say that the WWC is an extraordinary platform to promote women's equality, to promote all sorts of topics that can discussed in different kinds of forums". "We have more than $2.7 billion reserves".

"We need to invest this in order to make the whole movement around the world grow".

A world league, involving promotion and relegation for national teams competing in different strata of the competition, is also not a new idea from Infantino. "Clubs would invest even more in women's football to shine on the world stage".

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