Kamala Harris Raises $12M in Second Quarter

Kamala Harris Raises $12M in Second Quarter

In an interview with CNN that aired on Friday, he said he was not prepared for the attack from Harris, particularly on issues of race, given his record fighting for civil rights.

However, Mr Biden, who served in that role under Barack Obama, would not say whether he would pick Senator Kamala Harris for the role if he is nominated for the White House. The campaign did not specify an exact amount for the quarter.

According to a press release from her campaign, the $12 million sum comes in from 279,000 donors, 150,000 of which were new.

The campaign added that more than $7 million was raised online and that the average contribution during the second quarter was $39, with an average of $24 for online donations.

Harris's announcement comes a week after the first presidential debate, during which she confronted Biden over his comments about his decades-old relationship with segregationist senators and his record on public school busing during the 1970s.

The former vice president expressed frustration that the debate was so focused on former policies instead of current issues. And she criticized his stance against federally mandated busing to desegregate schools. She clarified that when she previously said busing was one item in the "toolkit", she was referring to its use now by local school districts.

The campaign is pointing to sales of a shirt that fundraises on the moment from her exchange with Biden. On Friday, they reported selling 1,440 of them, raising almost a half-million dollars online. The clash defined the second night of the debate and has helped boost Harris in post-debate polls, bringing Biden's once-high numbers closer to the pack of Democratic presidential hopefuls.

Harris Campaign Manager Juan Rodriguez - touting the fundraising report - said that "as it has been from the beginning, this campaign is powered by the people". And by the way, I think Ocasio-Cortez is a brilliant, bright woman, but she won a primary.

While the fundraising haul pales in comparison to Buttigieg, Biden and Sanders, Harris is in the midst of a polling boom following her performance at the first debate. During the first Democratic debate, candidates like former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper and Senator Michael Bennet took aim at Sanders' bold proposals like the Green New Deal and universal health care. Iowa is a key state for both candidates as they vie for the Democratic nomination.

But the campaign did not reveal how many individuals contributed to Bullock.

The Democratic presidential candidates - and scores of congressmen and other elected officials - fanned out around the country on Thursday. Michael Bennet of Colorado, announced raising $2.8 million, with $700,000 transferred from other accounts.

Just to underscore the drop, the same polling showed Biden leading at 37 percent back in September of a year ago.

Sanders has often had to defend his socialist policies throughout the 2020 primary race.

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