Freak hailstorm hits Mexican city of Guadalajara

Freak hailstorm hits Mexican city of Guadalajara

The Mexican city of Guadalajara woke up Sunday morning to more than 3 feet of hail covering streets, alleys, and roofs.

"I've never seen such scenes in Guadalajara", Alfaro told AFP.

At least six neighbourhoods in the outskirts of the city were deeply affected by the hailstorm, reported The Guardian.

A massive hail storm trapped residents of Guadalajara, one of Mexico's most populous cities, inside their homes and vehicles, and creeped inside stores and left ice mounted on top of cars making roads impassable. The accumulation of hail in the streets of Guadalajara buried vehicles and damaged homes.

Several people had to be rescued from the roofs of their vehicles as streets were turned into rivers of moving hail accumulation.

"Once these storms developed, all the ingredients came together for there to be this odd hailstorm over Guadalajara", he said.

Videos of the city posted to Instagram showed truckers struggling to get through the icy mix. "These are never-before-seen natural phenomenons".

Alfaro said there were no known deaths from the storm.

Residents in the city say that Sunday's storm was "unprecedented".

Hail forms when a water droplet is picked up by updrafts of warm air in a thunderstorm travels well above the freezing level and then freezes, according to the National Weather Service. A hailstone grows as additional water freezes onto it, and eventually becomes too heavy and falls to the ground.

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