Kenya tests woman for Ebola, as Congo, Uganda fight outbreak

Kenya tests woman for Ebola, as Congo, Uganda fight outbreak

The virus has already claimed two lives of a family in Uganda whose members visited DR Congo for a burial but Uganda President Yoweri Museveni said the situation has been contained.

"However, two suspected cases are admitted at Bwera Ebola treatment Unit", Dr Ruth Aceng Uganda's Health Minister said in a statement. The district taskforce on EVD, a national Emergency Operations Centre (EOC), WHO Uganda Country Office and Partners are supporting the response in the country. Such a declaration typically triggers more funding, resources and political attention.

The child's mother, who is married to a Ugandan, "knows where to pass, ' Mr Mwebesa said, adding".

But he warned declaring an emergency could lead to border closures or airlines refusing to fly to DRC, which could do more harm than good.

He added that declaring an emergency would have raised levels of worldwide political support "which has been lacking to date", and enhanced diplomatic, public health, security and logistic efforts.

The outbreak, occurring close to the borders of Uganda, Rwanda and South Sudan, has been like no other. About 4,500 health workers have received vaccinations.

On Thursday, WHO's emergencies chief acknowledged the agency has been unable to track the origins of almost half of new Ebola cases in DR Congo amid the challenges, suggesting it does not know where the virus is spreading.

Friday's announcement quickly drew criticism from some experts. Initial analysis suggests that Uganda is at a much lower risk for outbreak than the neighbouring DRC, where almost 1400 people have died from the disease since April 2018.

The outcome of the last epidemic shows the urgency of preventative action.

The Minister called on the public to be vigilant, urging anyone with Ebola-like symptoms who had travelled to affected countries to go to the nearest hospital.

Uganda's health ministry and the WHO announced the five-year-old as the first confirmed case of Ebola in the country last Tuesday (11 June).

It has infected more than 2,000 people, killing at least 1,400 of them. Ninety-eight contacts with infected people have been identified.

While Ugandan health care workers aren't facing the violent attacks that have killed several Ebola responders in Congo, they remain at risk as they seek to isolate, test and treat for the virus.

Exterior view of the Kericho County Referral Hospital where a suspected Ebola case was reported.

Phelan said she was concerned World Health Organization might have been swayed by political considerations.

Uganda is grappling with spreading rumors as the country strives to fight the recent Ebola outbreak that has left three people dead.

"It is clearly the responsibility of the district to order supplies", she said.

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