Pakistan chiefs accidentally add cat filter to Facebook Live press conference

Pakistan chiefs accidentally add cat filter to Facebook Live press conference

"I wasn't the only one - two officials sitting along me were also hit by the cat filter", he said with a laugh.

One of the first journalists to spot the weird moment was Naila Inayat.

"You can't beat this!"

The original video has since disappeared from the regional government's official Facebook feed.

The video immediately went viral on social media but was later deleted from the political party's official page.

Yousafzai confirmed the incident and told AFP it happened by accident.

He later said it was a "mistake" that should not be taken "so seriously".

The Kitty Conference was captured mostly in the form of still images and screenshots that were shared on social media after the fact, along with some raw screen recordings.

"Looks kinda cute", said one social media user.

The live stream continued with the whiskers and ears in place, even after the error was pointed out by users.

Taking to social media to comment on the unlikely situation, journalist Mansoor Ali Khan joked: "According to KP government's social media team we now have a cat in the cabinet #Filter".

The clarification was issued in light of a gaffe that took place while live streaming Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf presser on Facebook.

This Pakistani politician thinks he's the cat's whiskers!

"All necessary actions have been taken to avoid such incident in future with a great emphasis on strict enforcement of SOP's and protocol for live coverage by the ground teams", it added.

PTI SM Disciplinary committee probed the matter first hand and concluded the incident as "a human error" by one of our hard working volunteers.

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