Another American tourist dies on vacation while in Dominican Republic

Another American tourist dies on vacation while in Dominican Republic

The Current York Put up first reported that Dominican Republic police are investigating the probability that mistaken alcohol has poisoned no longer no longer up to seven U.S. vacationers in the country over the previous year.

Leyla Cox, of Staten Island, died just one day after celebrating her 53rd birthday, her son told the Staten Island Advance, saying she would still be alive if she did not go there. She was staying at the Excellence resort, where she had stayed twice before, Will Cox, Leyla's son, told NBC's Nightly News. He stated that he tried to warn his mother concerning the fresh string of deaths on the island, but she left earlier than he had an alternate.

"And then, on June 11th, my worst fears got here excellent. She modified into pronounced ineffective", he stated Friday.

Leyla reportedly died of a heart attack, but Cox is not convinced.

"The Dominican Republic has build every roadblock in my intention to prevent me from discovering the solutions that I have to sleep at night", Will Cox acknowledged. "It keeps me up at night knowing that my mother's remains belongs to a foreign country".

Dominican officials, concerned about the potential of this controversy to cause issues with its tourism industry, remain adamant that the deaths are all isolated incidents, but USA officials have found that most of the victims were apparently healthy adults with no previous known issues that would have caused a sudden, acute medical event leading to death like this.

Jerry Curran, 78, checked into the Dreams resort in Punta Cana on January 22, and died three days later, his daughter, Kellie Brown, suggested NBC affiliate WKYC in Ohio.

At least six other Americans have died in the Dominican Republic since January, including a Maryland couple from Prince George's County.

"He went to the Dominican Republic health and he just never came back", she said.

Authorities suggested the family that one of Curran's causes of dying modified into pulmonary edema, "which seems to be to be customary in all americans else who's handed that we're studying about", Brown stated.

Preliminary autopsies released by Dominican authorities said they all had fluid in their lungs and respiratory failure.

Numerous deaths and illnesses have been linked to the chain, particularly two of its hotels in a resort in La Romana: Luxury Bahia Principe Bouganville and Grand Bahia Principe La Romana. She died a short time later.

The US Embassy said in a statement that Dominican officials are asking for Federal Bureau of Investigation assistance on getting toxicology reports, but the process could take 30 days.

It had been reported that the brother of "Shark Tank" judge Barbara Corcoran, was among the suspicious deaths, having passed away in April from a heart attack while in the DR, but his daughter Nichole Lande told People Friday that her father had stayed in a private home, not a resort, and did have a previous heart condition.

Not lower than two died after taking a drink from minibars, families stated.

One year ago, Yvette Monique Sport, 51, of Glenside, Pennsylvania, also died after drinking from the minibar at that resort, Sport's family members told Fox 29.

Four months later, a NY woman was at the nearby Luxury Bahia Principe Bouganville when she grabbed a bottle of soda out of the minifridge in her room.

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