This years iPhone XR2 to get a larger battery

This years iPhone XR2 to get a larger battery

While majority got stage time, some didn't and one of them was the "Optimised battery charging" feature. Because of these leaks, we see the new square camera bum that will make its debut on the next generation iPhones. Apple itself has confirmed that the new release integrates some of the Android features too. Seeing as the iPad have already been offering the feature for some time now, we feel like it should be about time the iPhone also benefits from this feature.

USB-C is the universal standard connector for many laptops and Android phones and is now used by the Samsung Galaxy S9, Google Pixel 2, and OnePlus 6.

These new beta versions are here two weeks after Apple released the iOS 12.4 beta 3, tvOS 12.4 beta 2, and watchOS 5.3 beta 2 versions.

If there is one common request among many iPhone fans and users, it is that Apple should replace the Lightning port with USB-C. And it looks like that might be exactly what Apple has planned. Furthermore, if this number is accurate, the iPhone 11R will feature the largest capacity single cell battery that Apple has ever put in an iPhone. Before this, in iOS 11, Apple had also revealed details about its HomePod, and the iPhone X's Face ID. That's potential. However, iOS has led a cable on the MacOS model of iTunes and used a Lightning cable.

Apple could keep the Lighting port on its handset, and ship a Lighting-to-USB-C cable in the box, instead of the Lighting-to-USB-A cable included with the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. These views and opinions do not necessarily represent those of Deccan Chronicle and/or other staff and contributors to this website.

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