Google just confirmed Pixel 4 will include THAT pupil punching camera design

Google just confirmed Pixel 4 will include THAT pupil punching camera design

A tweet included two photos of the new phone with one image showing a large, square camera bump on the back of the device, the most apparent design change from past models.

A few days ago, Google posted a Pixel 4 render on Twitter in response to the increasing number of leaks, revealing in the process that the newest rumors were right. Google paired the photo with a tongue-in-cheek statement of "since there seems to be some interest..."

We certainly need to wait for some time to see what Google has to offer through the Pixel 4.

Users can safely assume that the Pixel 4 will run on Android Q, Google's latest mobile operating system, which recently released its fourth of six total betas, inching it closer to an official release. The snapshot had the Pixel 4 slotted in at its usual spot in October - just after the usual Made By Google event at the beginning of October. The Pixel 3 and 3a series featured a standard capacitive fingerprint sensor at the back. Or a hole punch design like the Galaxy S10? So what's the deal with this mysterious Pixel 4 prototype that hasn't even leaked? It is usual for other smartphone companies to tease their phones, not so much Google.

A 9to5Google tipster caught someone using a phone outside, a phone featuring a square camera module in the top-left corner.

Folks at GSMArena partnered with a tipster Shivam Pandya has revealed three exclusive shots of the alleged Google Pixel 4. This is unsurprising, given the minor tweaks given to the Pixel 3's camera. If the market reports are to be believed, the American tech giant might launch the new Pixel 4 smartphones round October this year.

We have to assume that Google will keep the "XL" name for the bigger of the two phones.

Of course, one naturally wonders why Google did this.

While the image doesn't show the front of the device, the front is expected to go for an edge-to-edge display and could include multiple sensors.

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