Trump calls John Dean a 'sleazebag' ahead of testimony

Trump calls John Dean a 'sleazebag' ahead of testimony

President Donald Trump condemned a House Judiciary Committee hearing at which John Dean-former White House counsel to Richard Nixon and a political contributor to CNN-testified about the "remarkable parallels" he saw between Watergate and special counsel Robert Mueller's report.

In tweets, Trump also took aim at House Democrats for continuing to focus on the report by Mueller that details findings of his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election as well as possible episodes of obstruction of the probe by Trump.

On the eve of the House Oversight Committee's plans to hold a contempt vote for Attorney General Bill Barr, the Justice Department's war with the committee over handing over certain census citizenship question-related documents escalated with an executive privilege threat. The committee subpoenaed Gore and refused to let the DOJ attorney sit with him for the interview, prompting Barr to instruct Gore that he not participate in the closed-door deposition.

A minority of the majority wants to initiate an impeachment investigation into Trump on the belief that the special counsel documented obstruction of justice by the president. "They can't just see whatever they want", the source told Fox News. "But neither have we ever seen blanket stonewalling by the administration of all information requests by the House", House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler said on the floor of the House.

Trump sought to set himself apart from the disgraced 37th president on Monday while fielding questions about mounting Democratic calls for his removal from office.

McGahn, a star witness in the Mueller report, last month defied a subpoena for his testimony and related documents after the White House directed him not to cooperate with the Judiciary panel.

The hearing, one in a series still to come on the Mueller report, occurred amid continuing discussion among House of Representatives Democrats about whether to begin impeachment proceedings against Trump.

Harris pointed to some 900 formal federal prosecutors, people who have been affiliated with the justice department going back to the Gerald R. Ford administration, who signed a public statement that said if Trump was not the president, there is no doubt that he would be charged with obstruction of justice. "In Russiagate, the Clinton campaign and the Federal Bureau of Investigation paid a foreign agent to collude with Russians to produce opposition research - that turned out completely false, as the Mueller report indicated - that could be used to commit a fraud on the FISA court and get multiple warrants to spy on opposition campaigns". Dean testified that Mueller's report is to Trump as the Watergate grand jury report was to his former boss. She and Trump both attended ceremonies in France marking the 75th anniversary of the D-Day operation that helped end World War Two.

A resolution being voted on Tuesday in the House would make it easier for Democrats to sue President Donald Trump's administration and other potential witnesses who refuse to comply with subpoenas.

Nadler said he would give the Justice Department some time to comply.

Collins also called Democrats' legal arguments weak and said they could wind up hurting their own cause if they don't find favor with judges in court.

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