FHP: Motorcyclist dies after being struck by lightning on I-95

FHP: Motorcyclist dies after being struck by lightning on I-95

A motorcyclist was killed Sunday after a lightning bolt struck his helmet on Florida's I-95, authorities said.

A North Carolina motorcyclist died Sunday afternoon when he was struck by a lightning bolt and then crashed on a Florida Highway.

Though the man has not been identified, he is a Charlotte, NC resident according to the Florida Highway Patrol. "Unfortunately he did not survive the crash".

Pictures from the scene showed the motorcycle lying on its side in the grassy area between southbound and northbound I-95, with three patrol cars parked nearby, blocking off two of the three lanes of the highway.

The man was travelling south on the interstate through Volusia County, just north of Orlando on the state's east coast, when he was struck.

An off-duty Virginia State Police trooper reportedly witnessed the events and reported them to local authorities. Only about ten percent of people who are struck by lightning are killed, leaving 90 percent with various degrees of disability. In the past decade, 47 people have died from lightning strikes in Florida. In 2018, 20 individuals lost their lives to lightning strikes in the U.S.

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