All the New Details About Microsoft Xbox Project Scarlett and xCloud

All the New Details About Microsoft Xbox Project Scarlett and xCloud

Confirmed this evening by Xbox head honcho Phil Spencer during Microsoft's E3 press conference, Project Scarlett will deliver hardware-accelerated ray tracing to your living room sometime next year in the Holiday 2020 season - so why the heck shouldn't AMD's desktop Navi cards follow suit, eh?

It will be playable with Xbox Game Pass at Launch. Neither Microsoft nor Sony are expected to say much more about their consoles any time soon, if at all for the rest of the year.

Total output from the complete console could be less than a 4x improvement versus the Xbox One X. And considering that the Xbox One X's processor was arguably its weakest link, being based on AMD's aging Jaguar microarchitecture, suddenly that leap in power isn't quite as impressive.

Check out the new Halo Infinite trailer below. However, if you happen to own an Xbox (or three like me), you'll want to consider the $14.99 Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which not only grants access to O.G.

Players tend to follow the platforms that have the most intriguing exclusives and in this current generation that has been Sony's PS4. The trailer didn't provide a look at any gameplay and was largely a CGI affair showing a stranded UNSC soldier reanimating the Master Chief.

While there were glitches due to some device poisoning the Wi-fi frequency and Microsoft had to reroute the connection, the games apparently played smooth and latency didn't get in the way.

What's next for Microsoft after Xbox E3 2019? For those unfamiliar, the Flight Simulator series is probably one of Microsoft's oldest gaming IPs, with the first games launching back in the eighties.

This effort will likely be bolstered by Microsoft's recent acquisition of several game studios, including Double Fine, the studio behind games like Psychonauts and Broken Age, which will help in attracting more customers as it continues to beef up its in-house gaming content.

An image of a naked Project Scarlett.

Codenamed "Project Scarlett", the console will be 4x more powerful than the Xbox One X, Microsoft claimed. With that knowledge in mind, I assumed Microsoft would go all out for its E3 2019 briefing.

To please gamers picking up the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Microsoft has announced that it will offer access to the Gear 5 Ultimate Edition and the Ultimate Edition Character Pack four days before its worldwide launch.

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