Psychonauts 2 E3 2019 trailer, publishing rights signed to Microsoft

Psychonauts 2 E3 2019 trailer, publishing rights signed to Microsoft

I am so in. It's not yet clear which Xbox One consoles are supported, what resolution the games will be streamed, or what your home internet connection quality will need to be for all of this to work effectively. For the time being, it's called Project Scarlett and its release date window is set for Holiday 2020. Just as Mark Cerny made a big deal about the PlayStation 5's SSD, Microsoft is really positioning Project Scarlett's SSD as something of a game changer for the console. This standalone subscription will cost $4.99/month, which is half cheaper than the regular Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One.

After rumors, and leaks galore, Microsoft announced during its Xbox E3 2019 briefing its next console. However, the eager beavers have opened up the pages, though the beta for the Xbox Game Pass PC is not quite live yet. The console will use high bandwidth GDDR6 system memory to boost performance.

And of course, Halo Infinite will be a launch title.

We'll update the article as more details are being shared with us. Featuring hardware accelerated raytracing, variable refresh rate, 8K capability and ultra-low latency input, the next console will deliver a new level of fidelity, precision and accuracy never before seen in console gaming. There are rumors of other Xbox consoles under the codenames "Anaconda" and "Lockhart" as well, which could pave the way for Microsoft to mimic the Xbox One S and X setup of the current generation.

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