Trudeau accepts finding of genocide in MMIWG inquiry

Trudeau accepts finding of genocide in MMIWG inquiry

The inquiry report itself uses the term "genocide" dozens of times, starting in the first paragraph of Buller's preface: "This report is about deliberate race, identity and gender-based genocide", she wrote.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau attended the event, saying the continued violence against indigenous women and girls is "shameful" and "absolutely unacceptable" and "it must end".

Settee said MKO will work to implement the many recommendations detailed in the robust report, but called on all levels of government to find a plan that works.

"Canada has an obligation to find out why these women are missing and murdered, and Canada has an obligation to move beyond genocidal policies and practices that happen against the Indigenous people in this country", says Nepinak, who has lost loved ones, who are missing and murdered Indigenous women.

The report urges all actors in the justice system, including police services, to build respectful working relationships with Indigenous Peoples by "knowing, understanding, and respecting the people they are serving".

Hudson says now that the report has been released, they need to think positively about the future.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau - who has made reconciliation with indigenous peoples a priority for his government - thanked those that shared stories with the commission, and vowed to enact the inquiry's recommendations.

The lead author of the analysis is Fannie Lafontaine, holder of the Canada Research Chair on International Criminal Justice and Human Rights at Université Laval.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police revealed in 2014 that 1,017 aboriginal women had been murdered between 1980 and 2012.

He said he sees room for improvement when it comes to missing persons cases, noting travel between urban areas and remote communities plays a role.

The steps necessary to "end and redress this genocide" must be no less monumental than the combination of systems and actions that have been used to "maintain colonial violence for generations", the commissioners said.

Notable cases of missing or murdered indigenous women and girls had fuelled the call for a national inquiry, including the Vancouver murders by Robert Pickton, and the death of schoolgirl Tina Fontaine.

Geraldine Gauthier clutched a picture of her sister, Lynn, as she heard from the federally funded commission tasked with documenting the causes of violence against Indigenous women and girls.

A Royal Canadian Mounted Police report before the inquiry was formed reviewed cases from 1980 to 2013 and found 1,181 First Nations women fell into the missing or murdered category - nearly double earlier estimates. Other unverified estimates are far higher.

Trudeau says Canadians are seeing the impact of climate change with the increase in wildfires in Western Canada, recent tornadoes in Ottawa and flooding across the country this spring. "We can not wait any longer for real action and real results to ensure the respect, safety and security of all First Nations at risk, and these efforts must be in coordination with survivors and families", Bellegarde said.

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