China's Xi praises 'best friend' Putin during Russian Federation visit

China's Xi praises 'best friend' Putin during Russian Federation visit

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said Moscow and Beijing are certain a peace settlement of the Korean Peninsula's problem has no alternative, Trendreported citing TASS.

Noting that this is his first state visit to Russian Federation since he was reelected president last year, Xi said that the two leaders have maintained close contact in recent years.

The visit comes five years after Moscow's annexation of Crimea in 2014 led to a serious rift with its Western partners and subsequent turn toward its neighbour to the east.

"Entering a new era, Chinese-Russian relations need to strengthen the common interests of the two countries and expand their points of contact", he said, specifying that this meant expanding all sorts of economic ties.

Ahead of a tour by the Chinese leader, which is expected to bring a flurry of fresh trade deals and signal to the West that Russian Federation is deepening its economic ties with Asia, Mr Putin on Wednesday said that relations between the two nations have reached "unprecedentedly high levels".

Xi and Putin are due on Thursday to attend the opening of the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum. The two leaders will also see a performance at Moscow's famed Bolshoi Theater.

"We confirmed that Russia's and China's stances on the key global issues are similar or coincide", Putin said.

Chinese Ambassador to Russia Li Hui said China and Russia advocate the building of a new type of worldwide relations featuring win-win cooperation, resolutely upholding the global system with the United Nations at the core, and calling for peaceful means to resolve worldwide and regional hot-spot issues.

Later this week, Xi will be the most prominent guest at Russia's major investment conference in St. Petersburg on Friday.

Bilateral trade increased a year ago by about a quarter to a record US$108 billion (S$147 billion).

Still, Russia needs China much more than the other way round, according to the analyst.

"We highly appreciate that friendly gesture", Putin said with a smile.

He said that Russian Federation and China, as UN Security Council members, are determined to protect the worldwide system centered on the United Nations.

Both countries underlined their commitment to maintain good relations with Iran.

Moscow's relations with Washington have been at a post-Cold War low for some time now, and Beijing is locked in a trade war with the US.

"Looking into the future, a number of factors will support the steady, healthy and sustainable growth of China's economy, including abundant human resources, strong internal driving forces, growing development dynamism and mobilization capability, " Xi said.

All these issues would be discussed during the leaders' meeting, he added.

His remark is seen as implicit criticism of the United States as Beijing and Washington are sharply divided on trade issues.

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