'Black Mirror' trailer confirms Miley Cyrus role, drops release date

'Black Mirror' trailer confirms Miley Cyrus role, drops release date

Creator Charlie Brooker and team made the standalone interactive movie "Bandersnatch" previous year, which delayed the new season's arrival.

The streaming service just announced that brand-new episodes of the sci-fi anthology series will premiere on Wednesday, June 5.

Cyrus confirmed her role in the series to Howard Stern during an appearance on his show back in December - but didn't offer many specifics.

Black Mirror will return to Netflix with three new episodes on June 5. So it's no surprise that season 5 will continue the "tech is scary" theme.

After the words "love, privacy, connection, sex, family, work, afterlife" flash across screen, the trailer shifts to a small scene that sums up exactly the message Black Mirror season 5 is apparently trying to send. The new season would be its first full one since 2017. Delve through slowly, because Black Mirror is also a series that I find hard to binge-watch due to its overall bleakness so it will be watching one episode at a time, often with a few days grace in between. The first episode, titled "Striking Vipers", will include a storyline featuring Anthony Mackie and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. The trailer for the fifth season of the show was recently released and it is so dark, chilling and disturbing that you might need to watch a sweet Disney ballad. Black Mirror is one of the best shows on TV, and I don't think it gets enough hype. For example, Scott (known for his villainous turns in Sherlock and Spectre) is playing a man who has had it up to here with humanity's addiction to smartphones and similar mobile tech. As mentioned, there will be three different stories told in season 5.

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