Trump takes first step toward U.S

Trump takes first step toward U.S

President Trump moved Wednesday to ban US entities from using telecommunications gear from companies with close ties to China or other potential foreign adversaries.

China's first worldwide tech brand has steadily expanded into new industry segments, including consumer electronics and consulting services, despite claims from the United States and other governments that Huawei poses a security risk. It directs the Commerce Department, working with other government agencies, to draw up an enforcement plan by October. In January 2018, US carriers shunned Huawei's newly-launched flagship, the Mate 10 Pro.

During a daily briefing in Beijing, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang, argued the engaging in a smear campaign against Chinese companies. It could be delayed again, they said.

The Australian government banned Huawei in August previous year.

HUAWEI HAS said that it would be willing to sign "no-spy" contracts with governments who allow it to supply 5G equipment.

In a statement, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai called the executive order "a significant step toward securing America's networks".

Huawei is the world's largest maker of telecoms equipment.

Washington has told allies not to use Huawei's technology to build new 5G networks because of worries it could be a vehicle for Chinese spying, an accusation the company has denied. Segal said that with U.S.

"We are willing to sign no-spy agreements with governments, including the United Kingdom government, to commit ourselves to making our equipment meet the no-spy, no-backdoors standard".

Huawei denies allegations that its gear creates security vulnerabilities.

In January, US prosecutors charged two Huawei units in Washington state, saying that they conspired to steal T-Mobile US Inc trade secrets, and charged Huawei and its chief financial officer with bank and wire fraud on allegations that the company breached sanctions against Iran. The seeking to extradite her.

All major US wireless carriers and internet providers had already sworn off Chinese-made equipment after a 2012 report by the House Intelligence Committee said Huawei and ZTE, China's No. 2 telecoms equipment company, should be excluded as enablers of Beijing-directed espionage.

Mr Trump had already barred the USA government from use of Huawei equipment, but has now extended that to all U.S. companies.

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