Fortnite Season 9 has landed

Fortnite Season 9 has landed

He explains that players have been "spoiled", and if it wasn't for Epic's builder-shooter, gamers would be enjoying other games "so much more".

If you closely look at the trailer, a dark fate of banana man peely can be seen. Players will be able to move faster and change direction in the stream, and you'll be able to gain extra velocity by using directional inputs. Tilted Towers have become Neo Tilted ones and they are more exciting.

Pressure Plant is the aftermath and result of the Season 8 volcano erupting, in which it appears to have completely obliterated itself in the process.

Finally, the area around Loot Lake got a complete revamp to match the new style of Neo Tilted, as well as what looks like a giant pipe that runs from the nexus gate to Neo Tilted.

The new Season brings several new locations or places with a number of improvements to the gameplay to make the gameplay even more exciting for the regular players.

A brand new entrant into the controller game, Astro aims to deliver a better way to play games with rear buttons, map-ability across the controller, and interchangeable analog sticks and d-pads. If we talk about the updated Retail Row I.e. Mega Mall, it's a giant structure with colourful things and holographic storefronts.

The combat shotgun is however the only new weapon added this season. According to Epic, the issue is the update not displaying the challenges in the challenges tab.

One of the biggest new features from v9.00 are Slipstreams, a wind transportation system consisting of wind tunnels that quickly carry players. Fortnite Season 9 is now up on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Yes, really you've got to go proper south-west, nearly off the grid entirely. Movement has always been an important part of Fortnite Battle Royale and these new Slipstreams should make it a little easier to get some horizontal distance between you and your enemies. These air bases are up at height and you have to struggle a lot to get there. After that, you're free to explore all the new facets of Season 9, or get a jumpstart on the Battle Pass by finishing some of the other Week 1 challenges. Check for yourself now!

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