WATCH Kim Kardashian Get Fitted For Her SEXY Met Gala Look!

WATCH Kim Kardashian Get Fitted For Her SEXY Met Gala Look!

Kardashian attended the event, dubbed the "Super Bowl" of fashion, wearing a custom beaded latex Thierry Mugler dress that took eight months to create.

Alcantara goes on to shut down all of the haters, writing, "I don't give a shit about your opinions on her body if you think she fake or not!"

To pull together the cohesive look, Kim rocked a "wet" 'do and got a manicure with tiny droplets. However, the wet hair, in particular, may be Kim K's way of paying homage to a former actress, model, and sex symbol. Speaking to Vogue at the Met Gala, Kim was asked about the birth of the child and she said, "I heard the rumours that the baby was coming today but not happening or I wouldn't be here today".

In her Instagram Stories, Kim joked "straight out of the ocean and onto the red carpet".

"Kim Kardashian has been instrumental in funding the legal fees for vital attorney representation, transportation for newly freed prisoners so they have a ride home to their families and reentry costs related to our clients' smooth transition back into society", Lawyer MiAngel Cody, founder of the Decarceration Collective, told CBS News Tuesday. West just wore a zip-up jacket.

With Kim Kardashian continuing to impress her doubters by quietly freeing dozens of low-level criminals who have unfairly been sentenced to spend years behind bars, the star is also turning heads because of her ever-famous figure.

The Met Gala is perhaps the most iconic fashion day of the year, and it always plays host to some extreme fashion choices.

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