UK PM May looking at second Brexit vote options if talks fail

UK PM May looking at second Brexit vote options if talks fail

Opinion is split even within the 1922 Committee - an elected body of MPs which represents backbenchers and oversees leadership contests. "She understands that many members of the public will feel great frustration at this".

Britain will have to take part in European Parliament elections on May 23 as there is not enough time left to get an exit deal ratified by parliament before then, Prime Minister Theresa May's de facto deputy said on Tuesday.

The British government is making a final push to do a Brexit deal with the opposition Labour Party, amid mounting outrage from Prime Minister Theresa May's Conservative Party at the prospect of compromise.

It followed a request from the 1922 Committee for "clarity" on the issue.

However, the committee is not unanimous in its backing for a change to the rules.

But with both parties, like much of the country, deeply divided over Brexit, any breakthrough from Tuesday's talks might be hard to come by.

Labour's John McDonnell should be wary about a potential Brexit deal with the prime minister.

"We are playing fast and loose as a party at the moment", he told BBC Radio 4's World at One.

It was triggered after 65 local Conservative associations said they had lost trust in the prime minister. We all need to take personal responsibility for the fact that we are still in the European Union and that we are in government.

For now, the United Kingdom government aims to exit the European Union latest by August 1.

Another voice of caution came from Simon Hart, a Conservative MP who runs the Brexit Delivery Group of MPs pushing for a deal, who said his colleagues should be careful what they wish for.

Cross-party talks on a Brexit deal have stalled, according to a Bloomberg report.

But 10 Downing Street insisted that the meeting is routine. The National Conservative Convention's vote on 15 June is non-binding, though, so the PM could ignore it.

Speaking ahead of cross-party talks on Brexit, Mr Lidington said: "Parliament has had several occasions to vote on leaving the European Union".

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