Palestinians claim ceasefire reached with Israel

Palestinians claim ceasefire reached with Israel

In response to the onslaught, the Israeli military conducted over 300 strikes from the air and land, including a rare assassination of a terrorist operative, who the IDF said funneled money from Iran to terror groups in the Strip.

"Your attempt to blame Israel for the violence Hamas crates is telling and deplorable". The Palestinian Authority has been hit hard by cuts of hundreds of millions of dollars in USA aid, as well as a dispute with Israel over tax transfers.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday said Israel had reinstated its controversial policy of targeted killings and warned that the "rules of the game" vis-a-vis the Gaza Strip have changed.

Mujahid called on all the people of Malaysia and the world to condemn the Israeli action.

Another died in a rocket attack in Ashdod.

The deal came after the most serious flare-up in violence between Israel and Palestinian militants in Gaza since a 2014 war.

While there was no official word on the terms of the agreement, Gaza's Sama News website cited unidentified diplomatic officials as saying it was reached after Israel threatened to unleash "massive" firepower and resumed its assassinations of leading Hamas figures on Sunday after a years-long lull.

In Gaza, streets were empty as the Israeli military struck hundreds of times, hitting military targets, residential buildings and a Turkish state media office. More than 600 rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip to Israel, which in turn responded with strikes on military targets in the Gaza Strip.

A recent two-day outbreak of violence killed 25 people in Gaza, both militants and civilians, and four civilians in Israel, AP reported. "We support Israel 100 [percent] in its defence of its citizens", Trump said on Twitter Sunday.

What reportedly gave rise to the rocket attacks and violent weekend began with thousands of Palestinians protesting along the Gaza-Israel border Friday to end the blockade.

It commemorates its Memorial and Independence Days later this week and is due to host the Eurovision song contest in Tel Aviv from 14 to 18 May, which is expected to draw thousands to Israel. Hamas is firing rockets at civilians in Israel. 3.

Israel, for its part, will facilitate the money transfer to Ramallah and the suitcases of cash to Gaza City (banks are prohibited from handling money transfers to Hamas because it is on the USA list of terror organizations). However, Israel does not, in fact, occupy Gaza.

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