Joe Biden says Theresa May has expressed concern over US-UK relations

Joe Biden says Theresa May has expressed concern over US-UK relations

"I disagree with numerous votes that he cast, he and I voted in very different ways", Sanders said. I led the effort against that. Sanders set the record straight this weekend, and while he politely noted he considers Biden a "friend", he wasn't against highlighting Biden's rather unprogressive record.

He calls Biden "Sleepy Joe" on Twitter and has tagged numerous other top Democratic contenders. "Impeachment proceedings in the House ensure that more of these facts come to light, ensure that the Senate can make a very informed decision about the consequences for this President". "I like what I heard here today, but how are you different than Biden?" Sanders has advocated for a transition to a Medicare-for-all plan that would eventually eliminate private insurance for basic health care, while Biden has called for improvements to the Affordable Care Act, and providing a public option for individuals to buy into Medicare while keeping the private insurance system.

"I spoke about it as something that we all need to be thinking about and asking our elected representatives about", O'Rourke said of how he talked about impeachment previously. "To cover every man, woman and child in this country.... if you want a better program, a more comprehensive program, with no deductibles, with no copayments, with no premiums, which will cost your family less, support Medicare for all".

He's literally the least progressive major candidate.

Biden drew laughter when he replied: "There's so many nicknames I'm inclined to give this guy". She's a serious candidate. "We'll let the voters sort it out".

As Sanders moved onto his final stop of a two-day Iowa visit on Sunday evening, Brix lingered behind and pondered the exchange.

On "This Week", Sanders drew the connection between his 2016 platform and the goals now being pursued in Washington. "So I think the African-American community nationwide knows who I am".

Last month, Sen. Bernie Sanders started a national debate over voting rights for prison inmates after stating that he believes all Americans should be able to vote, even those now incarcerated. "So ideas that we've brought forth have helped transform the discussion in America".

The six-term senator said his family members are "the last people I want to go through" what Trump could throw at them during the remaining 18 months of the campaign. And guess what? Mostly directed at, quote, people of color.

"I think it's premature", he said.

And Sanders said he's not about to disavow his "democratic socialist" label.

"When Barack and I worked together, we spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to change the systemic racism that exists and continue to work on that", Biden said.

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