Jerry Nadler's New Ultimatum for Barr

Jerry Nadler's New Ultimatum for Barr

"This Attorney General lacks all credibility and has I think compromised the American public's ability to believe that he is a purveyor of justice", she told reporters after the hearing.

Democrats convened a short hearing that included an empty chair with a place card set for Barr.

"He lied to Congress". And if anybody else did that, it would be considered a crime.

"Nobody is above the law".

All of which culminated in the below interview on CNN, where Steve Cohen tells Anderson Cooper that the Senate will have to send the sergeant-at-arms to apprehend and drag the Attorney General before the committee or lock him in a cell. "Their chief complaint against the attorney general is his upholding the rule of law when they wish him to disregard it".

Within minutes of Ms Pelosi's comments, Justice Department spokeswoman Kerri Kupec called her words "reckless, irresponsible and false".

House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler made a new offer Friday to Attorney General William Barr aimed at breaking a deadlock over Democratic demands to see the full, unredacted report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller. That could potentially lead to fines or imprisonment for the top United States law-enforcement official. In particular, they have zeroed in on Barr's handling of the report's release, alleging that he is biased toward the president in his presentation of the report in his initial four-page summary of its conclusions.

Democrats are splintered by calls to impeach President Trump.

Ms Pelosi also said the administration's refusal to respect subpoenas by a House committee is "very, very serious" and noted that ignoring congressional subpoenas was one of the articles of impeachment against former President Richard Nixon. Mr Nixon resigned in 1974.

"I'm going to call Roberts", Graham said.

"I said, 'Bob, what's with the letter?".

Democrats accused him of being afraid to face tough questions and one Congressman, Steve Cohen, brought a chicken statue and a bucket of KFC into the committee room.

The next day, Nadler subpoenaed the un-redacted document along with underlying grand jury evidence and testimony and requested the subpoena be met by May 1. Mr Barr cancelled his testimony after clashing with Mr Nadler over the hearing's format.

"He's being utterly contemptuous to Congress", said Cohen.

The Department of Justice has said a version of the Mueller report that has fewer redactions than the publicly available document is now available for viewing by members in congressional leadership, including Nadler.

Trump said it will be up to Barr to decide whether Special Counsel Robert Mueller, author of the report on Russian interference in the 2016 USA election, will testify to the Senate Judiciary Committee, which wants to hear from him.

Mueller's report released to the public on April 18 said Trump had asked McGahn to fire Mueller as he was investigating suspected Russian interference in the 2016 US election and possible coordination between the Trump campaign members and Moscow officials.

Crist asked at the hearing, "Do you know what they are referencing with that?"

Republicans say the Democrats are focusing on Barr as a substitute for impeachment, to avoid the political backlash that would come with official proceedings against Trump.

Barr hesitated before acknowledging that presidential campaigns that are offered dirt from hostile foreign governments should probably contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation, unlike Donald Trump, Jr.'s "I love it".

It outlined how the Special Counsel did not find sufficient evidence of a criminal conspiracy but did not exonerate President Trump of obstruction of justice.

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