Huawei jumps ahead of Apple in tough smartphone market

Huawei jumps ahead of Apple in tough smartphone market

California-based Apple reported a 16 percent drop in profits in the just-ended quarter to $11.6 billion, as overall revenues dipped five percent to $58 billion. If this is the case, it's quite possible that Apple might also give the iPhone with the same novelty for the sake of uniformity.

Huawei smartphone shipments are going up while Apple and Samsung smartphone shipments are going down. Plus, as the Verge noted, Apple shipping with these upgraded charging accessories would also allow users to plug their iPhones directly into their laptops without needing a separate cord.

"All other markets have already saturated for them and the other ones such as Africa are yet to arrive".

Tarun Pathak, associate director, Counterpoint Research, said: "Even India can not offset the decline that Apple is seeing in its key markets". Apple did not reveal how many iPhones it sold in the quarter.

Apple could be about to add a feature standard to many top Android models to its latest crop of iPhones, rumour suggests - fast charging. For instance, the iPhone XR started retailing at $749 (approx ₹52,809 after conversion) in the USA but was sold in India for ₹76,900. The strategy worked. Cook called the results of the program "striking" on Tuesday and said the company handled four times as many trade-ins in the March quarter than the same period a year ago.

"We have started manufacturing there which is very important to be able to serve the market in a reasonable way".

Despite strained trade tensions with the United States, the Chinese behemoth generated a record US$107.1 billion revenue for full-year 2018.

Tuesday's earnings follow Apple's major event on March 25, which announced Apple TV+ as well as several other services such as Apple News+, Apple Arcade, and the Apple Credit Card. The tech giant is in the midst of a transition from hardware sales toward services like Apple Pay and Apple Music. If the company is going to continue to increase that number, it needs to keep expanding its device user base, and Cook seems to think he's figured out how.

Not to go too overboard with parsing specific words in Tim Cook statements, but I was struck by the phrase "one of them". "And we do our best to getting the current device to someone else that can use that, or, in some cases if the product is at an end of life, we are recycling the parts in it to make sure that it can carry on in another form", Cook said.

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