Season 8, Episode 3: The Long Night Review

Season 8, Episode 3: The Long Night Review

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In the previous episode of HBO's Game of Thrones, the characters at Winterfell prepared for the battle against the Army of the Dead.

Shocking, unexpected deaths were the calling card for Game of Thrones for several seasons, beginning with the demise of its primary character, Eddard Stark, lord of the castle of the fictional locale of Winterfell.

The moment we were all waiting for has finally arrived as we witnessed one of the major battle sequences of the season, the Battle of Winterfell where the troops in Winterfell had to shield themselves from one of their most terrifying enemy, the death itself.

In a theory posed by professor Steven Attewell, the idea that the crypts of Winterfell will see the corpses come to life at the Night King's command is ludicrous.

We had heard that Ghost was coming back for Season 8 and he's going to do "some pretty cool things" in the final season, according to Joe Bauer, special effects supervisor of Game of Thrones.

However, Viserion was dead, for a second time, after Arya plunged her dragonglass dagger through the gut of the Night King, thereby killing the rest of his army where they stood. This helped in spurring on the troops as they rode into battle to take on the White Walkers. We really, truly got to know the inside of some clouds. His character arc has been dramatic but now he is back in everyone's good books we think he will regain his honor in the battle and eventually become leader of the Iron Islands and House Greyjoy. Fans will recall that the decision was made for Bran to act as bait for the Night King, and that Theon would defend him. Using the same hand-switch trick that she first tested out on Brienne, Arya managed to stab him in the stomach despite the fact that he had her hoisted in the air by the throat.

In a conclusion that she predicted herself, the Red Woman concludes the episode by walking across the bodies into the snow, as she slowly turns elderly, then collapses and dies. Who will knight Podrick if she goes?

But who exactly is the Night King? Defeat the Night King and his armies will fall. With the battle nearly lost, the Night King makes his way to Bran leaving him and Theon surrounded by wights. The third episode did, though, give some of the first, big deaths of the eighth season.

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