Collapsed crane in Seattle leaves 4 dead, fire officials say

Collapsed crane in Seattle leaves 4 dead, fire officials say

A construction crane on top of an under-construction Google building in downtown Seattle has collapsed killing at least four people on Saturday.

The crane fell from a building in the United States city of Seattle on Saturday about 3.30pm.

Cars were crushed when the crane fell from a building site and into a road in the South Lake Union district, the Seattle Fire Department said.

Of the four people injured, a 27-year-old man, a 25-year-old woman and a four-month-old baby girl were taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries, the department said.

It was not immediately clear what caused the crane to fall or whether construction was going on at the time of the collapse.

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan says a 25-year-old mother and her 4-month-old daughter were in a auto that was smashed by the crane on its passenger side, and both managed to escape with only minor injuries. A 28-year old man remains in serious condition, KOMO News reported.

Two of the people who died were crane operators.

Photos from the area showed multiple responders on scene, as well as several smashed vehicles. A mother and her infant were released from the hospital Saturday.

The crane - erected for the construction of new Google campus, according to the Seattle Times - landed on six vehicles.

Fire Chief Harold Scoggins says one female and three males had died by the time firefighters had arrived.

Ms Nelson said she observed what happened from a break-room window. The state Department of Labor and Industries will conduct the investigation, Seattle Fire said. 'The other half fell down on the street, crossing both lanes of traffic'.

Emergency crews work at the scene of a construction crane collapse.

Inslee said in a statement Saturday evening that he and Trudi are hoping for a full and speedy recovery for those who are injured.

As of January, there were about 60 construction cranes in Seattle.

Mercer Street is expected to be closed until Monday morning as crews work to fix damage to the road.

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