Nintendo Switch Software Attach Rate Higher Than the Wii’s

Nintendo Switch Software Attach Rate Higher Than the Wii’s

A more budget-friendly version of the Switch - which now retails at $299 and is hardly ever on sale in the USA - could help Nintendo ship more units.

Sequel to the popular Super Mario Maker - a Super Mario course editor that allowed players to create their own Super Mario levels, challenges and games in numerous themes from across the history of the popular platforming series, is hitting stores and the Nintendo eShop this June.

It expects to ship 18 million Switch devices the current year through March 2020, up from 17 million for the year just ended.

Nintendo has sold 34.74 million Switch since release as of the end of March, pushing it past the Nintendo 64's lifetime sales and at about a third of the company's massive Wii sales. Nintendo sold 49.1 million SNES units following its launch in 1990. The classic console moved 224.97 million units of software, and Switch software sales are at 187.52 million.

"Whether it would reach its targets became a big theme a year ago so Nintendo has released figures it can be confident of hitting", said analyst Hideki Yasuda at Ace Securities. But though Nintendo Chief Executive Shuntaro Furukawa praised Tencent and the partnership on Thursday, he said Switch sales in China wouldn't begin soon. Combined Switch software unit sales for the 2018 fiscal year reached 118.55 million units, up 86.7% from last year. "But we have no plans to announce that at this year's E3 in June", he added. This is, however, strictly speculation on our part - Nintendo has given no sign that it will go head-to-head with Sony or Microsoft in 2020 with its own refresh cycle.

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