Cops DRAG protestors along street as police clear Oxford Circus demonstration

Cops DRAG protestors along street as police clear Oxford Circus demonstration

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: "Officers have made a number of arrests, mainly focused at Oxford Circus, as we are trying our best to give the businesses a chance to return to "business as usual". Overall, the police reported more than 420 arrests over traffic disruptions on London's key highways during rush hours, as well as property damage.

The protests did not cause major travel disruption on Friday during one of Britain's biggest holiday weekends, but police said they have now arrested more than 682 people. "We are determined to keep the airport operating".

Police say more than 718 people have now been arrested, six days in to the XR protests, and 28 people have been charged.

Extinction Rebellion Ireland are calling on the government to declare a climate emergency.

London police had issued a public order condition as of Monday evening, which means that protesters should leave the scene when they are asked to.

The area was finally cleared shortly after 5pm when the police unglued the final protestor.

He said: "We are talking about the collapse of our civilisations within our children's lifetimes if we don't take action now".

The protesters do not resist to arrests and majority are released in a few hours after giving statements at police stations. "I have seen the evidence for myself and I really care about my children and grandchildren enough to want to be here today to stand with the next generation", declared Thompson, 60.

Home Secretary Sajid Javid said protesters "do not have the right to break the law and significantly disrupt the lives of others".

"It's certainly an option that tactics will be escalated if our demands are not met", she said.

"Protesters can expect a robust police response", Assistant Commissioner Nick Ephgrave said.

As climate change activists and police tussle for control of Oxford Circus, video has emerged of officers dragging two protesters along ground near Regent Street on Friday. Government advisers are expected to put forward new targets next month.

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