Amazon Prime Video is Coming to Android TV

Amazon Prime Video is Coming to Android TV

It's all smiles and handshakes between the companies now, but consumers have been caught in the crossfire for the past year as Google and Amazon took shots at each other. It rather seems like Google is trying to make YouTube Music its default music service despite the wide-support for Google Play Music.

Amazon and YouTube are buddies again, and as a result of their restored friendship, the YouTube app will soon return to Fire TV devices and Fire TV smart TVs.

Google is chasing Amazon's lead in cloud services and home assistant devices, while Amazon is quickly building an online advertising empire that's beginning to edge into Google's traditional territory.

Google, meanwhile, will launch a free version of its YouTube Music service in 16 countries, including the United Kingdom, also supported by adverts.

Amazon Fire TV provides a really great media consumption experience. That said, you still have the option to upgrade to YouTube Music Premium for $9.99 each month and get the benefits that come with a subscription. There's no specific date for the new app, but it will arrive "later this year". Amazon said it will let users play songs from "an ad-supported selection of top playlists", while YouTube Music will let users search by genre.

The native YouTube app not might have been missed, but YouTube TV and YouTube Kids certainly have, so there's something to be gained by both sides. This move prompted Amazon to forgo adding official Chromecast support to the Amazon Prime Video app, to which Google responded by pulling support for YouTube from all Fire TV sticks in early 2018.

This agreement doesn't address several of the company's long-standing issues.

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